ABMP Commando Speed March

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by barneyrnsm, Sep 26, 2009.

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  1. I have just recieved details about the 2010 Exercise Green Beret to raise money for military charities. Has anyone else heard about this? Its just that there was 6 month long forum about the guy who runs it being outed as a walt. Is it all above board now?
    I took cadets three times and was wondering if its all legit again as it says the army are helping.
  2. barney, I think you will probably be able to find out over in the Marines Forum on Rum & Ration (navy net top of page above this)... or on any of the Commando Face Book Groups...

    Can't you do the annual Spean Bridge Event?
  3. Hi I heard about this as well from a mate in Canada. He said he wont be attending if Greame Taylor is involved. I dont blame him it would be an insult for that joker to be larging it up after all the bullshit he was comming out with
    He stars in this video on Stolen Valour :wink:
  4. If I remember right you were one of those that outed him. very well will ignore it,do you know of anybody still in the mob I should inform as he says he has help from APTC they should know about this ?
  5. As many people as possible mate. Walter Mittys should not be allowed to run such events however worthy. I have a few press contacts now who contacted me after the you tube video went up. If Taylor has managed to bluff his way in again I think the thought that bad publicity would bring an end to his involvement for such an important and prominent event for service charity's. Such a waist of space should not be involved as its an insult.
    There is also a petition, please pass and sign if you get round to notifying other about Greame Taylor.


  6. Sad, sad state of affairs really. Raising the money was the way forward and the interest from Crab Air was just taking hold.

    Can this event be resurrected, legitimately, and be run by a completely different group?

    Looks like the plans to go again might have to be dropped until the mess that goes with it is cleaned up.
  7. Agreed. The problem having a Walter Mitty run an event is the credibility of it all. He has lied over a number of years about his service record so is not what I would call a trust worthy man to be running such an event. If he had owned up, said sorry and as token gesture helped raise money for H4H/RBL etc, no problem but he still maintains he has been hard done by and its just down to business competitors.

    He was advised to stand down for the good of the charity's concerned but refuses to let go, still claiming he has been stiched up. He is going to bring unwanted press attention to the event due to his actions.
  8. Sounds like it may be too much attention for my liking.

    I'm still wondering whether not going is spiting some people who do well from the money raised by the event. I hear what you say about Graeme but the spirit of the march comes from the folk who get off their arrse, train and then show up on the day with a stack of sponsorship and a deep desire to get to the dinner in the evening and get lashed.

    Boycotting the event might not be the best response. I seem to remember passing a woman last year, walking the route with a picture of a lost family member pinned to her back. That, and the two old-boys in the Denison smocks are lasting images that make me think, "F@ck it, why should one person spoil something that is actually very good and getting bigger every year?"

    There has to be another way of getting the point across.
  9. True, but I think the event and its thrust will be spoiled by the press focusing their attention on Taylor.

    If he cares about the event and what it stands for he should step aside and let someone who's credibility is not in question run it.
  10. So is there another speed march going on?
  11. At the moment, I see it this way.......

    Mr Taylor has shamed himself and potentially brought unwanted attention to a pretty good charity event, that brings together a like-minded group of individuals to raise some money for friends and colleagues who might need a leg-up in hard times.

    But that is it. I'm finding it difficult to find a reason not to turn up, raise a stack of cash through sponsorship, get a bead-on and then enjoy some scran and a few wets. The accomodation is booked and I have a few teams on board so, unless the boss tells me otherwise, we'll be going.

    I have to see the bigger picture here and I am hoping to persuade you fellas into the same mindset. It's not about Graeme Taylor or any other walt that may raise his head above the parapet. This event is about an hour's hard work to give something back.

    Please don't think that I'm taking any sides here; there are none. Maybe there'll be an opportunity for Graeme to explain himself on the day and put this very worthwhile and growing event back on track. And the press can say what the feck they like, they'll find it hard to print a negative report about a few hundred members of HMF and cadets, in the current climate.

    PMs are welcome if you feel it needs.


  12. You want a bet :lol: Sadly the event will not be the topic of any hack it will be the Taylor factor and this will ridicule and belittle what the event stands for. Not just my opinion, serving officers who asked Taylor to step down for that very reason.

    Talyors refusal shows he is more interested in himself and his walting ego than what the event is about

    If he does turn up, dont hold hold your breath for the truth he will just tell you his SAS records are secret :wink: oH, watch for his SF wings when he drops them from his wallet at the bar :)
  13. Are any other people going to do the speed march?