Ablebodied against disablebodied athletes

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson had accused the Government of discrimination after able bodied athletes were apparently awarded differnt honours than their disabled colleagues.

Chris Hoy 3 gold medals knighthood (cycling)
Darren Kenny 4 gold medals OBE (cycling/paralympian)

Dave Roberts 4 gold medals CBE (paralympian)

Rebecca Adlington 2 gold medals OBE
Eleanor Simmonds 2 gold medals MBE (paralypmian)

Before this (mass) debate descends into a pi55taking exercise in the Naafi forum :wink: any chance of your views?


War Hero
It's diificult to say without knowing more about individuals careers and their other acheivements, world championships and the like. But I suspect it reflects pretty accurately the public awareness.

After all most people still only watch the paralympics for a little bit of voyeurism. You know the sort of thing, "That one looks ok, what's wrong with him" etc. It is nice to see the 'tards have their moment though.
It makes very little difference; the system is now thoroughly discredited. While these people are whining that they want more medals for being able to jump well on a good day, a Royal Marine lost everything he has ever had and will ever have. I sincerely hope they get the lashing from the leader-writers they deserve.


Awarding Athletes for winning medals is a no starter for me able bodied or otherwise, am I going to recieve an MBE becasue I had the most people successfully convicted within my unit therefore excelling in my chosen professional field in which I am paid for? No, so why should they? It might sound like I'm being petty here, but we all make choices as to what we do for a living, there are fewer people now who make substantial personal sacrifice to the community being recognised in the honours list so that 'Professional' Athletes and their ilk can have awards. It's a bit crap really.
Sulking CNUTs, be happy with what you have, don't compare and contrast with others, its rarely rewarding

When you pander to every minority fecker going eventually everything becomes "Ultra unfair" having run out of equality issues they dig deeper and harder for something to be bitter about

Its a bit rich coming from her,for FECKS SAKE she's a Dame with an OBE and an MBE what fecking else does she want (yes I know its not for her but...)

nice nips in lycra though
May I also point out that the PC Phrase these days for a dribbler is "Differently Gifted".

Non PC Hate Crimeist.


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