Able Seaman Jones, go aft and see what all the noise is...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tommy, Mar 2, 2005.

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  1. Unless I'm mistaken, this HMAS ship is a Leander Class frigate? The same as the HMS Scylla put down as an artificial reef for divers off Whitsand Bay, south east Cornwall, last year?

    Anyway, no flames, just the utter devastation of a gas-bubble pressure torpedo on the keel of a noble vessel:
  2. Tommy, according to my copy of Jane's Fighting Ships 1991 (rescued from a skip), Torrens was one of three River-class frigates, of which 'the design of Derwent is bascially similar to the British Type 12... the other pair [Swan and Torrens] to that of the Leander frigates' . So not quite a Leander, but near as damn it, it would seem.
  3. One reason not to let feck off big whales fart beneath your boat. :roll:
  4. HMAS Torrens was the last of SIX River Class (Type 12) frigates built between 1961 and 1971
  5. Cool-I did a job on a nuke attack sub a few years back and submariners are nice guys if a little wierd. They firmly subscribe to the philosophy that there are only 2 types of vessal in the sea. Submarines and targets!
  6. That's it?.. hitting a target sitting dead still in the water waiting for it...okay it was 12 miles away..but.. gee, that puts it kind of lame, too, don't you think?.. not like the sub was being depth charged or put under any pressure to get a quick shot off...

    kind of takes all the fun out of warfare if all you do is shoot something from the safety of your own back yard half a world away...
  7. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    I love the irony from the land of the ICBM.
  8. X-inf:

    not in my backyard...
    our Prime Minister, Mr. Dithers has said hell, no.. or rather... gee, sorry but, the polls say, the folks here really don't want it.. but.. well.. we'll just watch, if you don't mind...