Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MAD_FERRET, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Out of interest, who was on the ABLE 'Cadre's' that were run by 63 at Minley, 1995 - to around 2000?? (then it became soft!!)

    Just bumped into the old SMI, all those that took part in this joyous course will know exactly who lm on about.....

    Memories of the course?? past and present?
  2. TBT then. Only had to suffer 3 weeks of running up and down Trig point for not recognising bridge parts quickly enough.
  3. ahh yes, the TBT cse - lm guessing these were a pretty good thrashing too??

    All the bridge components laid out, teams running out, picking up a placard with a name on it and running to that corect piece of equipment

    if you were wrong, pick it up, carry it too the washdown point and back whilst you 'remembered' what it was...
  4. That's the one. Always remember looking at the ABLE crews faces as we left after only three weeks. With a "Please sneak me away in your bag" kind of look.
  5. I did TBT also - sucker for punishment - taking the centre of bridge out with the crappy hand winch crane thing... why do that? too easy..

    Hands on lift up and stop being a girl....
  6. Not a problem when you did the course with big Adi L*m*nd. Whose now the ABLE/TBT Stripey down at the school. Hands like shovels ... big fricking shovels an' all.