Abit stuck lol!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Luke_16, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Hey lads, i have to go to my army careers office tommorow at 8:30am and give my completed application in on the same day. Im stuck because my mum as to sign it and im scared of what shes gonna say. If she dont sign it then what do i do just ring the careers office?

    Many Thanks,
  2. Have a look on the back of her credit card and forge her signature, then say she was p1ssed when she signed it.
  3. Well ask her to sign it and see what she says!
  4. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    If she won't sign it - and I assume here you are 16 - then theres not a lot you can do. Have you got a good reason for thinking she won't sign?
  5. Im 17 lol. The reason i think she will not sign it is because she thinks the army dont look after you well. Also i was joining the navy, but have always had soldiering in the back of my head as thats what i want to do. So she thinks i have always wanted to join the navy but i aint, i just know she dont like me going into a infantry role. Its a long hard story to explain.
  6. If she wont sign then you cant apply, try asking her to go with you to talk to your recruiter, He should be able to answer any of her questions and put her mind at ease.
  7. She like the kind of person, were you have one thing in her mind, and no matter what you say she will still believe what she thinks.
  8. If you dont try mate.
    Have had plenty of parents in the office like that,surely its worth a try?
  9. What office you work in? Beacuse i go london one lol.
  10. get in a massive arguement and she will end shouting at u and signing it lol
    thats what i did! just tell her its ur life if she want to hold u back from doing what u want then thats selfish.
    hahahaha well it worked for me!
  11. But my uncle died. So if in the case of anything did happen to me, i would fill selfish. Im not scared of being injured etc, it just my family, because if she signed the form and i did get injured etc, she would prob fill guilty for signing it.
  12. anyway shes just gone shops lol, im filling my application out and when she gets back ask her to fill it.
  13. How? Killed In Action I can understand but if it was because of a 'bad fix' from his dealer then what's the problem? Apart fom drug addiction in your family that is.
  14. oh sorry mate! get her to talk to the army guy! tell her that you will join when ur 18 if she doesnt let u join now!
    u cant get sent to combat till ur 18 any as far as am aware!
    as ur army office about that 1 tho!
  15. When are you 18?
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