abit miffed!


right well i passed my selection two weeks ago and have still herd nothing about dates for starting basic training.
i think my recruiter is now starting to get pissed off with me ringing and asking. if any one knows how long it normally takes to get your dates would be much appreciated.

thanks tape x
mine took quite a while so dw about it.. i also know a couple of ppl that got theirs a couple of days after so i guess it vares... what job are u going for?


one of the design trades in the RE hopefully surveyor x
see i passed selection 29th of may and im going same place and time as cuttsy, luck of the draw.

Hmm my careers office were really helpful, they told me that the first chance would be 9th of July if not then it would be September, so i at least had an idea of the time frame. That was the day after selection.
im going RE, fitter gen


that must have been a right bitch! i dont really mind how long i have to wait just as long as i no when!
Hope you chav fckrs brush up on your English and grammar before you go in. Can imagine you lot writing log sheets to be presented before the courts.



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Cuttsy said:
lol, chavs? cleary clueless u t**t.
If you don't wish to be roundly abused as a chav, don't use text speak.

they did that with my selection i had to ring them and it was o well i fort i told you when it was!
Cuttsy said:
lol, chavs? cleary clueless u t**t.
I think you have the right attitude Cuttsy.... crack on and don't take any BS from anyone, just tell the DS straight!
Can you walk really fast with your left arm behind your back?

Gets popcorn and beer.... :D

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