abit annoying for a care assistant

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by reikazen, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. It seems if u want to serve in the TA as a care assistant then you need a NVQ , abit sucky to be honest , i have the experence but no NVQ.

    I guess I will sign up for the infantry then , soon.
  2. testing my sigg..
  3. Funny old thing is - the AMS wants people who are qualified as well as experienced, something to do with Clinical Governance apparently...
  4. and £425 to help reikazen get the qual is a bit too much??? (presuming he'd be gaining relevant experience in his day job)
  5. What not train as a CMT?
  6. I went to a field hospital with a shiny new nursing degree and got offered the chef's job.

    I'm now an electrician in the Signals.

    At least I know CPR when I zap people.
  7. its not the money that stops me doin a nvq its the fact im a health and soical student


    screw doin stupid nvqs

    nat dip in health and social owns everything

    can do pretty much anything

    cept anything else while im doin the course

    well cept TA , i figure i can spare my weekends lol
  8. CMT? confuzed lol
  9. msr

    msr LE

  10. and Scottish_retard.

    Whats the thinking behind this? I've heard things about clinical governance but this seems to be taking the mick. Recruits with quals with/aiming for higher quals being rejected as they don't have experience.

    I'd prefer someone with a professional qual treating/nursing me and them not being employed to install the lighting after a 9 day course.
  11. \

    rofl nice one

    yeah erm ill speak geek l33t as much as i want too as this is the internet

    oh and the TAMS are going to get in contact with me so yeah i wil ask about CMT
  12. I was gonna moan about msr's post but je ne comprends pas

    Parlez-vous anglais?
  13. What the fcuk was that? Dont be a knobber and we might actually help you.

    And how the hell are your Tactical Aide Memoires going to get in contact with you? I always have to read mine.
  14. /quote]

    I was gonna moan about msr's post but je ne comprends pas

    Parlez-vous anglais?[/quote]