Getting posted back to abingdon soon- been out of the loop for 5 years now. Can anyone give me the low down on the state of affairs there these days?? :?
same as gutersloh - but without the duty free
You may need boats down there this week.
might as well be in alaska!!
however, whats the accom like there now? has z type been built or is it the same shitty efforts that were there 5 years ago??
Good luck Vern!

I was visiting a mate down in sunny Dalton last week. It still looks the same as it always has, security is as tight as ever! :lol:

What mob are you posted to?

i'm ex 4 regt 97-00,had to go back to the green after a 7 yr break ,decided on going back to 4,to my old sqn ,the place had not changed one bit same accomodation,f hanger ,food even stickies in town the same,good luck mate

ps take wellies
I used to be at the naafi in Abingdon, I here it's a Weatherspoons or somthing similar now?!
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