Abingdon homecoming parade?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bobthewigit, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. after just returning from HERRICK 10 I'm looking forward to marching through town so my family can see me but I'm just wondering if anyone from the local area will bother their fat civi backsides and turn up after the last one which was an embarrassment because only one man and is dog turned up in support.
  2. When is it? I'll ask my fat arrse in case it's available. It usually is.
  3. Is it RLC............ not like it is real soldiers :wink:
  4. Believe it or not civvies do actually have better things to do. I was on the parade after Herrick 6, quite a few civvies not many of 3 LSR though almost as if soldiers have better things to do as well.
  5. did you tap off with the dog?
  6. Its on the 25th and yeah RLC and very much real soldiers lol
  7. Any chance that Glenton could be used as a "sleeping policeman" in the road? Oh dear, no! He's in Colchester! Sorry, I live to far away from Abingdon to cheer you on...
  8. And you thought having returned " I must sign up to ARRSE" as your 1st priority!

    May i suggest, live a little!
  9. Send the same message to your local newspaper,I'm sure you'll get a good response.
  10. The 25th being a wednesday, I bet the civvies are queuing up to ask for a day off just to see you march through the town.
  11. everyone here woild love to get hold of him and defo use him as a sleeping policeman if there is is anythin left of him after the razz man. And i just had to get myself onto aarse and speak to all you wonderful people
  12. Well I had a nice phone call to tell me I'm off to see good old Terry in April 2010, so would love to come see you, but got other stuff to be getting on with ;)