Just been trawling the web for stuff and cam across this company - Witham Specialist Vehicles.

You can buy anything from here e.g.

Aardvark flail mine clearance vehicle - http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=428&Overide=1

AFV 432 - With or without tracks (not sure why without tracks) - http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=223&Overide=1

Centurion BARV( Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicles) - url]http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=361&Overide=1[/url]

Land Rover WIMIC type veh http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=418&Overide=1

and even an FH70 - http://www.witham-sv.com/infopage.php?ID=224&Overide=1


1. Why would anyone buy stuff like this?
2. Is that why we have no kit?
3. Any walts bought any stuff from there and want to own up?

I know that a 432 is the backbone of the British A Veh fleet, but I don't think they are convenient for nipping to the shops or doing the school run.

I think I need to get out more!

You are a proper loser just for even finding a site like this, get a life try to find something else to occupy your benial existence less for work, you should stick to your goat bestial porn sites
I have to admit always fancied one of those army motorcycles probably as never been allowed to have a go on one normaly as mt staff have broken them all by first week of camp .
I bought a 3/4 ton sankey trailer off them, cost £150, bit rusty, and past it's sell by date, I use it behind my discovery to take rubbish to the tip. Can't really see how this makes me a walt though.
I could have bought a small camping trailer which would have cost me more, and looks silly behind a big car.
The trailer is pretty much indestructable.
When I was there, some guys were buying a monster cement mixer, they tried to hitch it up to a transit flat bed, they had to buy a NATO hitch and in the end the nose of the trailer was about 10cm off the ground, I bet that was fun on the A1.
But I wandered around the site and was amazed at what the army cast's these days. I had a drive in a Hagglunds, which was a brilliant bit of kit, but I would have trouble justifying something like that, unless I worked on a hilly farm somewhere.
The FH70's are deactivated, they must have had 10 when I was there, why would you want a deactivated gun? I could understand a FV432 as they are used for these corporate fun day beano things.
They do sell a lot of Land rovers, which is understandable I suppose.
Arent the Landy's from a cancelled Zimbawean order? (we cancelled it, Not the Zims, I beleive!)

Or maybe they are the ones the Navy bought for the RM, then realised that they cant take petrol engined vehicles onboard HM Ships because of the Fire Risk! Doh!

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