I an currently in phase 2 in the royal signals, In basic i was given a week's detention for ABH. If i left the army would that show up on my record and would CIV POL count it as a criminal conviction ? any inof will b greatly appreciated.
I tw@ted some knobber in Germany once & got 14 days for my trouble. I was picked up by a RMP patrol which was passing at the time. I was taken straight back to my unit and warned for orders by the RMP SGT in the gaurdroom. When I left the Army 5yrs later & applied to a job which reqiured a criminal record vetting check & nothing came up. However I was charged with common assault & not ABH. If you intend to make a carrear of the army & put a few years in then the conviction will probally be spent by the time you leave anyway.

Regards LT.


Capt_Scarlet said:
If the offence was investigated by RMP then yes, it will.
Not entitely true. If it's recorded, which it will be, then you must declare it. Even spent convictions must be declared if you are joining the Fuzz. Best be up front about it all the way. Hide it at your peril.
Correct. An application for the Police will require you to disclose any conviction under military as well as criminal law.

Not to do so when asked is also a criminal offence.
Just remembered lads, Is,nt it only a court marshall that stands in civiy st as a DCM/GCM is a bona fide court of law. Where as OC/CO,s orders is basicly just an in house punishment system. Which was why my 14days did,nt show up when I was vetted in civ div.

Regards LT.
OC' orders are micky mouse but CO's orders are kept on record.
I was CO,d devilish. I was put in front of the OC on Monday morning and reffered to CO,s orders which happened the following day. Apparently an OC can only give up to 7 days or something. Mind you this all happened about 15 years ago !!! Might of been a few changes since.

Regards LT.
I was in the nick about the same time. Brats though, under age drinking of all things. 14 days for getting drunk! Thing is, I wasn't even that drunk....
They were strict on it when I done boy service. The only time we could drink was on a SQN smoker (2 cans only) & on adventure trg they used to take us down some pub in the middle of nowhere . Only so they could have a drink aswell probally. Remember stuffing me mouth with extra strong mints on the way back to camp every Sat afternoon. Memories, mammaries !!!!!

Regards LT.
Same here LT. Adventure trainig was always a good one for some light refreshments! At boxing competitions we were allowed to get a couple in aswell.

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