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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by sue robinson, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. I run the cornwall office of the above charity and this year I am the project director of a sponsored walk along the old British front line of 1916 on the Somme France. I have 70 ladies doing the walk all raising a minimum of £500 each for this amazing charity. The girls will be camping out and roughing it for a few days.. I also have the new forces sweetheart Miss cookie Monstar (drag artiste) performing in the camp in the evening. We are now being supported by the Daily Express newspaper and several large companies. Triple amputee Cpl andy reid is coming out on the last day to lay the wreath at the Thiepval memorial to the missing. we should raise bucketfuls with this walk. There are no places left for this year but I am taking names for next years walk.

  2. Stick a reminder up closer to the time.
    Bon Chance
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  4. Thank you for bumping this up, we leave this thursday to do the walk things have changed the army is no longer involved but we have raised around £25,000 for ABF the soldiers charity with more to come. We are all very excited. I finally got the dog tags free of charge from a wonderful company up in tadcaster yorkshire and my local cobbler stamped them for me. P&O ferries gave us £3,000 worth of travel free and euro tunnel is taking my 3 injured soldiers over free of charge. We have neen so well supported by some people from this forum as well so Thank you guys very very much
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  5. I hope your weather is good, might be a bit cold in the morning however the sun should warm you all up.
  6. Good Luck Ladies - have a great time.
  7. Thank you for your good wishes
  8. And the ladies lead where the government are trying to avoid treading
    Well done ladies best of luck and hope the weather is great for the trip
  9. Please follow their links to the sponsorship site and give as little or as much as you can - many thanks
  10. Thanks to everyone who participated in this event
  11. Thank you Bipolar for organising what you did it was awesome havnt eaten so well in a long time
  12. I've thought of a completely different fund raising idea with 'Wenches' and 'Trenches' in the title...
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  13. Its a registered trademark name
  14. So I couldn't do 'Trenches dug by Wenches'.

    A group of women dig a trench and live in it for a few weeks. In a 'I'm a celebrity' stylee. A Green Goddess would liberally hose the place down to turn in to a true depiction.