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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by ArmyBenevolentFund, Oct 20, 2006.

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  1. You can visit the Army Benevolent Fund’s sponsor a fundraiser page here.

    This page of the ABF’s website is dedicated to its fundraisers who are putting in tremendous efforts to raise much-needed money for the Fund.

    There is also a link to help you set up your own Justgiving webpage if you are fundraising for the charity. We can then link to your site to give it increased visibility.

    Thank you for your support.
  2. Used justGiving at beginning of year for London marathon. Easy to use site much recommended.

    Failing that post cheques to me still got ABF collection tin on desk as swear box (rapidly filling)

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  4. Hi Oldbaldy, what paper was that in?
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    The telegraph
  6. Deleted
  7. Not doing a marathon but I was going to do a half marathon being organised by 1 RHA on 1 Aug in aid of the ABF. I like a run but I'm not mad keen on it. However, determined to do my bit I started getting sponsorships in until a couple of weeks ago when I pulled my achilles tendon training for it. Bugger!! If I don't get to do it I promise I will do a half marathon before the end of the year just to keep my end of the bargain. Please feel free to sponsor me by clicking here.
  8. ABF have partnered with the Red Devil's for 2009, plummeting from a perfectly good aircraft whilst strapped to one of these guys is an alternative to pounding the roads with knackered knees. Why run when you can fall.
    This has got to be the quickest way to cover 2 miles!!

    The fundraising potential of a Tandem skydive, with the team is enormous !! doing it for such a worthy cause can be a giant step for many folks but just as rewarding.

    David owen a 79 year old ex para has raised just under £20,000 so far for a jump he did at the end of Sept with the Fred's.
    Because he used an online fundraising page H4H's will get, so far £2796.33 in Gift Aid. Awesome work what a dude!!

    Check out David's Bmycharity page: https://www.bmycharity.com/V2/davidsparajump

    If you would like to jump for ABF or any forces charity in 2009 with the Red ones, please follow this link:


    The team are working on behalf of over 22 forces & Ex Forces charities, and welfare funds, as well as over 100 civilian charities.

    Check out the team's website at: http://www.reddevilsonline.com/about_us/tandem_jumps
  9. Hope you like the new adverts, they're being run in conjunction with our Annual Appeal - for more information take a peek here!