Aberystwyth Company - Find the GWA a home!

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by the_tango_callsign, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. The TAC

  2. Under the bridge next to Rummers

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  3. Next to the tramp outside WH Smiths

  4. A caravan in Clarach

  5. PJM Woods

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  6. Under the pier until it gets wet

  7. Aber Castle

  8. Heddlu Central

  1. For those not in the know, the GWA and his accident prone flatmate are on the streets on Sunday, after having had their roof forcibly prised from above their heads following the 6 wardens and 4 heddlu incident... so, place your bets now on where they will be found living!!!
  2. WTF! If you're going to post unit specific shite, mark it as such.
  3. It has to be the caravan in Clarach, Fraser and Freshie a la Max and Paddy!
  4. that's better! Dioch n fawr.
  5. Might I recommend that one of our glorious subbies invites the indigent members of our organisation to live with them, in their magnificent officers accommodation.

    Maybe a life of prostitution to make ends meet is what awaits? If so, they need a pimp. Any volunteers?
  6. Whilst a very noble idea Mrs B, alas your ideas about the standard of living that I exist in are probably far from reality... I don't even possess a (battered) wok!

    I do also worry about the condition of my windows if those two were invited in - indeed last time they were stood outside my window, they managed to break the handle off it!!! And that’s before fire extinguishers get involved!

    However, when you fail all of your modules next year Mrs B, and have to re-sit the next 3 years, we shall look to you as a pillar of - well, something, to accommodate these two illustrious gentlemen!

    I shall now get back to my pre- JOTES training by decimating my pacifist flatmate on Op Flashpoint!


    Forward the Royal Sigs!!
    (^^^^^^^^that bit is a great bit of cunning to disguise my true identity... shhhh!^^^^^^)
  7. They'd fit right in here in Lampyland. In fact the local druid faction'll probably worship The Fresh Prince, and with my imminent abscence from the area, they'll be a cosy spot on a local darts team up for grabs.
  8. I have a cunning plan! They could either cause nuisance and affray every evening, which Im sure is no challenge to persons such as themselves - thereby being granted hospitality each evening at the taxpayers expense. or else they could try their luck with the ladyfolk of Aberystwyth and then ask if they can "bring a friend" each evening too.

    Best of luck to the two of them. Cheeky scamps.

    Actually just outside my window they are refurbishing a few halls of residence. Seem to remember visiting them last night, they were quite cosy at the time - Maybe thats why I slept there and was woken by the Brickies moving in!!!!
  9. Dear all,

    I have been ruminating over this one all day, and I have a solution; Jez.

    Jez can put them up, and they can become closely acquainted with Mrs. Jez, and little Jez; it will be ideal for all concerned.

    Perhaps we could set up an Aber homelessness action team/charity, where the indigent are foisted upon unwilling families?

    Or perhaps not.

    Yours as ever

    Mrs. Beaton (not Beeton; she wrote books and has been dead for some time)
  10. i think if one investigates the matter further they will discover the shoking truth that it was you who broke the handle off the window - we were just holding onto the other side. all is good now tho as we have managed to find some people who haven't heard of us although the house is mid-refurb!!!plus i think one of the ppl who lives there is locals so we shall try our hardest to improve local/student relations :D
  11. The GWA is moving into a flat in mid refurbishment, in direct reference to my earlier quote possibly.

    it should be pointed out that the Heddlu rather than the porters get involved when you live in town, (thats the big difference) and that your neighbours in town arent going to be amused by messages written in blood being passed under their doors!

    oh the wonders of hte GWA, GWA for PM,

    has anyone in Aber Coy thought about these expeds we are meant to be brainstorming? (sorry I know its un PC to epileptics - but "think shower" is crap)
  12. I couldn't really give a flying fcuk where the GWA go. I've got a few good idea's where they should go. Wales, isn't that part of England?
  13. Largest county we have supposedly!
  14. I reckon you will last about three weeks.

    I think we should set up a syndicate on this matter. Bets can be placed with a responsible adult.
  15. I'll bet £5 on heddlu involvement before the end of exams....