Aberdeen UOTC??????


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Is it my imagination or is the OTC (and ACF, ahem!) site full of our close friends from Queens, wooperts from south of the Avon and a dribble from Gypsy and Scum UOTC on the Clyde? Gentlemen and'Ladies'! who have had the privledge from attending up north should get their s#!t in gear and start making amends to this obvious oversight. Landie B I presume you are currently trying to get the members of said UOTC to stop shagging our beloved sheep and get logged on!
Aah tremendous Monsieur Jash,

You've kindled something that I've been meaning to do for quite some time, pity you posted this badger twice though!

With regard to last weekends "Freshers Sesh" the poontang was in abundance, a whole load of malarkey involving people from our era and Hillhead Halls, the "house of rave" was in full effect and I only played the Grange Hill theme tune a dismal and pathetic eight times!

The new bar-wallah has his head screwed on and didn't seem to run out of anything, which is always good, but on the flip side of the coin I've never felt so damn rough the next day after trying to keep up with the drinking antics of the new B-Coy whippersnappers! I would also be a tad mendacious to say that the Bronco wallah wasn't making yon bucking bronco contraption gyrate seductively when young fillies were straddling it..... nearly spat out my gin & tonic. 8O 8O 8O

All in all a damn good night! :wink:

The blighters didn't have to wear suits though, "I remember when we were at their stage..... jumpers for goalposts etc etc"

Oh and with regard to arrse related propaganda distribution, I stuck a few posters up in both the Birds & Blokes bogs. Maybe one on the mess noticeboard would be a good idea.... I'll get a chap to sort it!


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Ah the fresh sesh........... the memories, anyway anm a bit embarrased about doing the whole thing twice but not to worry just making the presence felt even more. Well T.T.F.A.
I'm dreading the photos of myself and a few other "old salts" engaging in a bit of clothes swapping with new eighteen year old fresher types! The mind boggles! Good craic though, apart from a sever case of the beer monkey the next day... ahem days!

A whole load of the blighters went Hillwalking today after a mammoth session throughout Belmont St and the Onion last night, the weathers arrse and they're gonna be suffering! Why is it though that every ex we went on in our first year it feckin' snowed and we still stayed out but successive years seem to be getting consistently better weather and lots more "Warm Drill Hall Action"....... ?

Then again they wouldn't have the misfortune of mistaking their basha-buddy for wanking when they had bad assed hypothermia. Gortex, I have ascertained, isn't soley for poofs!

I now live by the age old addage of "Gortex til Endex" when needs must.

Feckin' darkside back in the days, old bean...... Harumph.
Do you speak english since that post makes no sense.


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Landie do you spend all your time on this web site????????? All you seem to do is post mesages!!
Seeing as I got made redundant by my lovely ex-employer I've got b*gger all better to do!

I could hardly say that I'm putting my full heart & soul into working off my notice period!

Bunch of "Post-Merger Downsizing" ARRSE...... harumph.

Anyone need a wallah ? Much cheapness 8O

Friday 31st October for my "Salute to the Smoke" leaving London "do" if you're in the neighbourhood. Might call it "Cheerio Chelsea" instead.... hmm the mind boggles!


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LB how rude!!
Are you going to head back up north or what??? I was counting on using the bottom of your park bench when I poped over to london on 'a job' :D
Ho baw bag watchout for that 14lb sledgehammer :)
Fellow sheep shagger reporting for duty in the land of eternal surf! Have to say am a bit peeved about missing some bronco action, I hope it wasn't the same guy as last year cos he was a dirty perve! :p You will all be pleased to know that I shall be in the vicinity for our special weekend of much standing in the arsy cold and silly amounts of alcohol. Its about time I stayed up beyond 11pm on a saturday night listening to mumsy and papa snoring over a cup of cocoa.

With regards to 'Cheerio Chelsea' (sounds much nicer and more camp/much more in your style LB!) I shall be in the vicinity of St James' Park looking for small boys, :twisted: and would enjoy a quality GT sesh with excellent banter :D

I have just discovered this sight (courtesy of my much beloved :roll:) and must say it has brightened a very dull day of not doing very much at the taxpayers expense! was working for Tony last week but back with everyones fave blind MP and all is well. Anyway enough drivel hope all is well!
Seeing as I'm currently in exile "oop north" amongst the ovineophiles we must rendezvous for the aforementioned G&T's post Armistice parade seeing as ones deposit for ones London abode has been collected, Miss P has offered me a rather comfy leather sofa whenever needed so expect news on the "Cheerio to my Chelsea Chums" session within the next few days!!!

Halloween party tonight dans RSB! Expect full sitrep within the next 48 Hrs.

Oh will be working in Weeg-land post Chistmas, got confirmation of a job with the 'cooncil' there this afternoon!

(Before the hecklers start it's not working in a needle exchange or sweeping streets)
:lol: I am so bored anyone have any funny stories
Oh what a night, checked my emails and time to get some schlaf I think! Mucho halloween party crazyness, B Coy birds dressed up as cheerleaders, lots of dissappearing ogg home together and a certain subbie dressed up as one of Jack the Rippers victims! Oh dearie dearie me, I need PeptoBismol and some Paracetemol..... and a gallon of Iron bru in the morning!!!!

Photo's to follow! Oh if you havent got my new email address.... Private message me!!!!

Bloody clean-up tommorrow @ 2pm.... worse luck eh??! "It's your mess" and all...... harumph :oops:
well well done mister LB it seems the word is out. Hope ye have a good time at RSB some of us are stuck over the water!! Anyway must go and earn some more worthless Euro so I can get charged €4.75 for a small take away coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh for teh day of the mess (gordon highlander bar) (wee jock macscrot watering hole) or what ever its called now.
by the way lb when is the web site getting back up and running??
Stand by monk-on fans, need to square away new web-space and then it'll be back up and running! On the train to Glasgow to square away accomodation and agree my salary! Weeg-land a go go!


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