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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by maddogwhitey, Nov 30, 2005.

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  1. Despite the posts by hoopsmon making us all look like pricks, i would like to open this thread to all memebers past and previous of aberdeen OTC for a fair and free discussion about the uni. I Will write more, including something in the wikki when i can be bothered, ie when i dont have a load of essays etc to do.
  2. Don't you mean past and present Wee Jock McPlop? or don't you want current members of AUOTC posting? ;)
  3. yeah. my bad.
  4. Ah, Aberdeen Uni, I do miss it. Nothing more earth-shattering to add as yet, I'll have a think. What's your point of view maddogwhitey? Sh*te? Awesome? Somewhere in between?
  5. my veiw of the Aberdeen OTC..... hmm, I should probally word this carefully as its pretty easy to work out who I am from my psuedonym if your in the unit. (should have thought of a better one rather than my email)

    My veiw of Aberdeen OTC would lie in the middle.

    Some things are very well run indeed and pretty unique to our OTC. Ex Yankee Boar for example, going over to America to do a 2 weeks of training with the US Army and a week in Canada doing AT was a truly inspired idea and everyone who went on it loved it. (1st years couldnt go, so hopefully I can go this year). Doing charity work in Uganda, White water rafting at annual camp, some pretty well thought out feild exs'. Mostly i would praise the fact that we have a pretty good spread of staff associated with us. We have people from everywhere, this means we occasionally get some night sights, or GPMG's/ Sniper rifles from some of the local infantry , Or we are presented with oppertunites to attach ourselves to regular units (which on one occasion resulted in on of our OCTs' having to reclaim some of his kit from the captain of a Royal Naval frigate after a boozy night in Gibraltar). The mess is ,for the most part, awesome, and i am pretty sure it is the cheapest North of Dundee, if not the entire of Scotland. The Annual ball that started yesterday at 7 pm and finished mid afternoon today is just fantastic. Finally I think the unit strikes a resonable balance between green and non green activities. Oh yeah, and the idea of a bouncy castle at the annual ball.... inspired, give the author of that idea a gold star.

    However all praise aside, there are some things in the unit i dont like, and others i have real problems with. Eg the selection for activities is not entirley fair and its usually the same people who go on every trip. related to that last comment is selection of gaurd, Last year it was always the same group of people dicked for gaurd, and it was usually those who were not in favour of the JUO's . To be fair, i belive this has changed and gaurd is now chosen randomly on the basis of some form of lottery of doom. Secondly the whole hurry up and wait thing, although i am lead to belive this is an Tri-service thing. The drop out rate is also really unfortunate, last year i started with 120 people in my company, this year when i went into Forbes Coy our total numbers were just over 20. Finally i personally have some problems with one or two members of the OCT hierarchy and there attitude, although those are my personally dilikes and its not fair to mention them further on a public forum.
  6. Bloody hell it took long enough to get a presence back here...

    How was the ball ?
  7. you should know monkey head you were there :)
  8. but monkey head was stuck behind the decks all night... didn't get a chance to get a tour of the four tonner like some people did.. not sure it can really be describe as a tour, think I've said too much already! Hehe!
  9. from what i hear it was less of a tour, and more of a lie down in the back of the four tonner. :lol:

    Is there any chance of keeping this post relativley serious.... we could start another one for random OTC gossip.
  10. Sh1t rumbled... you all know who I am.

    Mind you I did send Hoop-dhobi or whatever their name is a bit of PM based abuse.

    It's more tragic he went to the extent of posting such an epic rant about some B Coy (sorry D Coy) wallah.

    I had a fantastic night, cheers for busting some interesting shapes on the dancefloor for so long!
  11. its okay mate. Cheers
  12. How many Aberdeen OTC bods are actually on this site? post below.
  13. For a start Whitey, if you stop putting your hand up for everything on offer, you might actually get to do more than just toilet duties.

    Aberdeen OTC does operate on a very different capacity as to other units, for one we only recruit from two unis whereas London has over 50, and attendance from at least 30 of them. Aberdeen needs to keep people even the interesting personalities whereas bigger units could afford to tell them to foxtrot oscar. Personally, I dislike the mass of tree huggin activities and sitting in on lectures on "becoming an officer", restraining myself from laughing at the CO with his fliers un-done.

    But all in all, there is good moral at the unit and I think its ace, but I still want to wear a beret rather than an itchy TOS.
  14. yeah the tos can be a pain at time but i think it would be better to wait until the beg. of next year before we start making assumptions because we're going to great fun at winter camp, providing your going, and then there is always christmas at home after a tiring start to uni life ( :lol: ) anyway the ball was good other than that nothing to say...
  15. Hit the nail on the head there....

    Chill out a bit! If they need volunteers..... let someone else do it for once.

    Get yourself into the middleground i.e. don't be a lazy bugger but then again don't be mr anurism.