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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Ain'tNoCracker!, May 2, 2011.

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  1. Currently i have a conditional to Aberdeen Uni and it seems very likely i will get said condition; my queries are to anyone past/present at Aberdeen OTC.

    What's the green life part of the OTC like at Aberdeen? I hear about it being a cheap drinking club with very little green activities.

    Is there much AT and camps available?

    What’s the general size of the OTC?

    How do the specialisations work with regards to inf sigs eng and is one prized higher than others?

    Is it worth joining Aberdeen OTC over the local TA and RMR units?


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  2. OTC and TA/RMR are different.

    One is geared towards getting students enthusiastic about the army so that they later join it. The other is geared towards supporting the regular army on tour.

    OTC is programmed and geared around study times so you can do Uni and OTC next to each other fairly easily. The TA however work on their own timings and if a "starred" (bounty-earning) weekend is an exam weekend, tough shit.

    Dependa what you want to do. The TA will teach you a trade which you will do on weekends as part of a functioning military unit. OTC is more like cadets, just having fun in green.

    If war does seem like your cup of tea but you do also fancy lots of beer and snagging filthy girls, you could always do a TASO (TA sponsored officer) with the OTC. Which is like both at the same time.
  3. In that case TA ain't for me untill i graduate at least, taking time out of studying to do a tour would be a bit of a **** around.

  4. Take you have worked with Aberdeen then!!!

    Give them a call at Bridge of Don, you won't regret it.
  5. I've been to Aberdeen and know of the units there; i've however never worked with any of them. I would love to join a territorial unit and take part in all the nonsense that brings, however i don't want to be seen as someone that is in it for the benefits rather than for deploying, as i would have no intention of deploying untill i graduated...

  6. As a student you are exempt from mobilisation, drill night tomorrow night if you pop along ask for the gwar hobbit sjt. They are good at shooting n sojering.
    Still a bunch of heather hopping sheep molesting
  7. If you join the TA, they won just pack you off to war. Your circumstances would be taken in to account, and besides how useful do you think you'd be on tour for the first few yers?
  8. I understand i wouldn't be usefull within 20seconds of joining but i didn't know that deployment took into account your circumstances. I would love to pop along for a drill night but being in Perth atm makes that rather difficult.

  9. ANC, can I ask what type of degree you're hoping to do? It can have a big impact on what you are able to do OTC/TA wise. For example I had several mates in AUOTC doing medicine who just couldn't put the time in and left. But I also know of people who found it boring, slow activity wise and as you put it, a cheap drinking club and left to join the TA unit up the road in bridge of don.

    Then there were the people who were really really into it and seemed to eat sleep drink it. 24/7

    The otc is on don street right next to seaton park and the halls of residence... nice and handy if that's where you are planning on living. It consists of students from Aberdeen Uni, Aberdeen college and Robert Gordon university.

    Drop me a pm if you want to know anything more specific. By the way, take everything the otc feed you during their recruitment offensive - (you will be accosted by them everywhere on campus and in halls that week) with a large pinch of salt... they will tell you wondrous stories of adventure training and ski trips and suchlike... these do occur, but not everyone gets to go!
  10. You're in the TA, you volunteer for tours.