Aberdeen Council to take £110,000 off the British Legion

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 2/51, Oct 18, 2010.

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  1. For a little over 60 years the British Legion have run the parking in an area of Aberdeen called Golden Square. This nets around £110,000+ a year that went to helping ex servicemen in Aberdeen and surrounding areas. This is by far the biggest monetary income for the Aberdeen Branch.

    As part of the councils cost cutting exercise, the council has decided that they now want that revenue, have kicked the Legion out and are now going to run the parking themselves. To add insult to injury, the fees will now come in line with the rest of Aberdeen and triple over night.
  2. There are two sides to every story. Maybe the council are taking into consideration the wider need for that money. Austere times and all.
  3. Tiz the same Council that has commissioned a statue of a Gordon Highlander to sit outside their office, for £125,000 pounds!

    Same council that has to find millions to raise an existing park, just off of the main street, to street level for no other reason than a local businessman has offerred to pay half. It does not need to be done, but the council are willing to pay half???

    Two sides, yes, but the council are renowened for wadting money and then demanding extra from the good citizens of Aberdeen.
  4. I live just outside Aberdeen and the City Council havent got a pot to pee in, jobs are going and cuts are going to be severe. In a situation where Schools are jostling for position to be the ones not closing their doors what can they expect ??

    Anyway the British Legion has stopped being an Ex Servicemans Club in many places. My local branch allowed an influx of members consisting of local chavs seeking cheap booze. I handed my card in when a gobby group of them mocked the death of a serviceman and I was threatened with expulsion for daring to grip them verbally about it.
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  6. You need to get your head around the idea that ex squaddies are not a protected species mate, and you need to do this fast. Do you honestly think that Joe Soap in Aberdeen gives a monkeys? If he does, he certainly won't when he's faced with the cuts that are coming his way. It's a dog eat dog world mate, it's not nice, but that's how it is and in the not too distant future I reckon that all charities are going to take a hit, as people just won't have the money to give. Charity begins at home as they say. As for the commissioning of the statue, are you complaining about this? You sound like you are upset by it. Perhaps you should make your feelings known by either writing to the local press, the Regt'l Association of the Gordon Highlanders or indeed, the Council themselves.
  7. It's the same in other areas.
  8. I am more than aware of the status of ex-squaddies in the publics mind, being on the local SSAFA committee and spending a great deal of my spare time at local events collecting on behalf of them, ...and the public is very supportive in this area.

    As for the statue, my point is that how can a council commission £125,000 worth of statue, use the cities "common good" fund to pay for it, and then say they are desperate for money. Being an ex Gordon myself I think the statue is a great idea, but the money should be raised for it (donated, events held etc etc.), not taken from the cities coffers.
  9. Then you should put this down in writing, and serve it upon the Council. Have you taken the issue of funding up with your Regt'l Association yet? You may find some of the responses a bit hostile, but I'm sure that you're principled enough to stand your ground. 'By Dand' and all that.
  10. Most areas, from what I've heard.
  11. The club side of the RBL (who run the bars and social side) are run by local committee supposedly in line with the charter set down by the Branch of the RBL (the part most of us are members of).

    Sadly in the last few years there have been insufficient persons from military backgrounds volunteering to serve on club committees. Certainly very few of the right calibre. Subsequently locals get elected to these positions and in the interests of revenue allow everyone and their dog in.

    Some years ago I served as an officer on a County Committee in a part of London. On one occasion we had to move into a club and reclaim the premises (enforce closure) as a local Irish drinking club had took it over and there was a suspicion they were about to take control ( to misuse) of the Branches (Charity Money) Accounts. A close shave indeed.
  12. The key thing is that report is:

    “The Council has title to the land on which the current car park operates.”

    So we should be thanking the council for letting RBL profit from it for so many years, not winging because they have decided to reclaim it.
  13. Given the extraordinary success of Help4Heroes the RBL needs to re-consider its strategy and role, especially its clubs.

    They no doubt met a demand when many (most) of the population had served, but if comments here are correct and they are being ignored by past and present members of HM Forces and/or being taken over by others in search of cheap booze then clearly they should be closed forthwith.

    The RBL does its reputation no favours sponsoring them.