Aberdeen arrsers

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by fatjock, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Anyone wish to meet up at Duff House (no duff) this weekend, they are having an open day. The house was used for prisoners of war, it received its fair share of attacks from the Germans.
    Pm me if you wish to meet. Please keep abuse and sexual comments on the web page as everyone likes a titter.
  2. You supply the skag and Irn Bru, I'll supply the racist comments Jock.
  3. Is that a yes then
  4. It certainly is my pasty skinned alcoholic friend!

    What's the timings & dress code?
  5. I was thinking of going up on Sunday, dress, battle dress or you could try being like certain ex marine and go in the sky's, however I do not think you would get in.
  6. That should read skud not sky
  7. Phew, thank **** for that.

    The thought of being surrounded by tracksuit clad anaemic chaps with speech impediments and a penchant for robbing old folk makes me swoon.
  8. On a number and we will see what we can arrange
  9. ................................................Fit arr yoo tarkin abeet!
  10. Fa kens min !
  11. Furry-boots?

    (TBH, my drinking in the ABZ-area is done mainly in Spiders.)
  12. Still looking to go up on Sunday if anybody wants to meet for a coffee, as I am a teetotal fat jock , in fact I am now a much thinner fat jock.
    I am self employed so if I get an emergency call I will not go as I am a greedy bastard.