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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Welsh_Ace, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. im hoping to join aber OTC in september i am hoping you can give me some tips in getting in or some on how to servive the first year also would like to hear wat its like up there and what you lot get up too.
  2. Pester those smelly troglodytes living in the Wales OTC II thread back out in the main ACF+UOTC board for unit specific stuff.

    General OTC survival tips? If you're an ex-cadet keep your confidence quiet. Come to as much training as possible without sacrificing your studies. Get involved and don't be afraid of volunteering for stuff. Etc ad nauseum.

    I expect most of the studenty types are away on holiday/camp and have far better things to do than look at arrse :(
  3. As an ex Aber-ite, all I'll say is Fcking Enjoy It!! Far and away the best part of 3 years at uni. Almost the only uni friends I'm still in regular touch with are the OTC lot.
  4. this doesnt surprise me, and yes i am an ex-cadet but im think i will keep it quite quiet, i dont want me saying ''when i was a cadet'', thanks for the tips.
  5. Obviously bring up the fact you were one in the interviews though...

    Aber OTC is good fun though :). See you in september!

    Ahem, sorry. Nah, you'll enjoy it, Aber are a good bunch, though they are slightly deranged. Just be prepared to inbreed a bit and get beaten by the southern monkeys a lot.

    See you on the first weekend :D
  7. Hes not one of yours you can ignore him.
    You'll probably meet his missus before the first weekend!
    Get down to the stand at freshers fayre and go on the lash with them that evening, - eat alot of stodge before the night out, and vomitting on the bleep tests is nothing to be ashamed of! :wink:
  8. Wow, you haven't heard?

    There's been a not so amicable parting of ways there. Shame, really.
    Ah, well, at least i can have a chip on my shoulder now :wink:

    Ask her about it - mind she'll probably tell you before you can ask.
  9. Diddums.
  10. Almost, we reckon that where the name originally came from, I think it's dutch. :D
  11. Diddums:

    Worlds smallest violin

    I give a sh!t

    Tell someone who cares.

    no body is around to listen to your Problem.
  12. Will do thanks :)
  13. Did I do anything bad/embarasing/rude/stupid last night i don't have much recolection apart from attacking some guy dressed as a werewolf because he was encroaching on my wookie :monkey: dance video

    P.S i need that video off fraser
  14. Was a Good night :). I woke up with an afro and balls written accross my chest.
  15. Mr. Onion I see we have found facebook, You really aren’t very original with your sign in name on arrse are you?

    edit for being unable to type