Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Nov 18, 2004.

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  1. I can't believe no one has told me about giving a bird an "Abe Lincoln" before

    "Render women unconscious, splash man fat on chin, sprinkle shaved pubes on chin TA DAAA Abraham lincoln "

    very imaginative,

    Do I have this right? has any one tried it

    Am I missing any more sexually deviant tricks
    I thought I new em all

  2. I assume the ladies will be queueing up for a go at this one. If they do let me know so I can assist with process before queue get's too big :twisted:
  3. I wonder who'll be brave enough to admit it? Whoever's idea of it was to 'heighten sexual tension' (isn't that the whole idea of a good shag?) in this way - can only be a lonely shite who actually knows fcuk all :lol: :evil: .
  4. You could also apply that to such things as Bukkaee, tea bagging, giping, watersports, fisting, goatse, and the vast array of things which for some strange reason people get off on.
  5. I am way out of my league here boney, only recognised the obvious ones there
  6. lmao :lol: come one Boney, you can't leave it like that. Explanation pls - you have my attention :wink: lol
  7. Bukkaee, just google that, but it seems to involve a large group of japanese men, one woman and a large glass funnel.

    teabagging - dipping your balls into your lovers mouth from above, in tea bag fashon.

    Giping - bit nasty. You need a long piece of string, some bacon rind and a very understanding girlfriend. The bacon rind is tied to the end of the string, and is then swallowed by the girlfriend. You hold onto the end of the string and love is made in the doggy fashon. When the vinegar stroke is reached, the string is pulled until the rind reaches the girls gag reflex. The result will be that the girl will tense all the muscles in her body, giving the height of sexual satisfaction to her lover. Aparantly.

    goatse was explained to me as people pulling their hoops open to impossible proportions, then taking photo's of it and posting them on t'internet. Hugely worrying.

    I think the others are obvious.

  8. For king ell :roll: :lol: .Some right nutters get off on the strangest of things. Chewing bacon fat? Bloody ell - even that alone would put me right off lol It would have been tensing up in a all very different way :oops:

    But teabagging though......... :roll: :roll: :roll:
  9. So thats where I've been going wrong, I usually bring them a glass of wine/cup of tea/plate of marmite on toast or whatever, afterwards.
    I obviously need to sharpen up my game, now where did I put my ASP baton and Philishave? :wink:
  10. RTFQ


    I have to admit to getting the meaning of an "Abe Lincoln" totally wrong. :oops: My version was significantly less hygienic. Luckily I never tried it for real, and am now revising my W@nk Memory Bank as we speak. I officially apologise to Sarah Michelle Gellar for all those unnecessarily dirty fantasies of mine. :twisted: :( :twisted: 8O :wink: