Abdullah to boycott Afghan vote

Abdullah 'to boycott Afghan vote'

Saturday is the deadline Mr Abdullah has set for his "minimum conditions"
Abdullah Abdullah, President Hamid Karzai's main rival in the second round of Afghanistan's presidential election, is reportedly set to abandon the poll.
A senior adviser to Mr Abdullah told the BBC he was being forced to withdraw because of concerns that the vote would be as fraudulent as the first round.
He has called for the dismissal of the head of the Afghan Independent Election Commission, a demand Mr Karzai rejects.
Hundreds of thousands of votes were discounted from August's first round.
The UN-backed Electoral Complaints Commission's (ECC) action meant Mr Karzai's total was reduced to below the 50% plus one vote threshold for outright victory, indicating a run-off poll was needed.
So that puts a ckuffing great hole in Gordens reasoning for why we are fighting there

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