The flat is a mess. Empty beer bottles and half-eaten food everwhere. Something needs to be done. Any tips on how to kidnap a woman?
Lure them to your house with promises off shiny things and shoes and if that fails try Saturday night in any city centre around 2 am. Why kidnap when you can just offer a lift then keep them? :D
Your mother must be so proud :wink:
Nah, they gave up on all that bollox a long time ago
Im not a rozzer if thats what you think. My old man was in the Royal Green Jackets, 3rd Batt. I may not have served myself but I spent 16 yrs of my childhood growing up in married quarters etc. Just thought Id swing by and check the site out, didnt mean any offence by it.
No apologies necessary. Being Welsh is a self inflicted punishment in itself.

As for the website - no.
Surely there must be some cute central european bint willing to help you out on the domestic side of things

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