Abducted British aid worker killed during rescue attempt

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Dollsteeth, Oct 9, 2010.

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  1. Don't know how to do a link but showing on news now.
  2. There was a thread on this kidnapping on ARRSE,where it was predicted she would not be coming back alive.

    This is unfortunate,but she should have been aware of the high risk of going to Afghanistan in the first place.

    Hopefully the vile scum responsible for her murder will be dealt with appropiatly for the filth they undoubtedly are.Waterboarding would be too good for them.
  3. As usual the way the news is headlined by the BBC suggests that her death was caused by her rescuers rather than from being callously executed by the Islamofascists cowards who were holding her.
  4. More here:

    British aid worker killed in botched Afghan rescue
    British aid worker killed in botched Afghan rescue - Yahoo! News UK

    "According to an Afghan intelligence official, the rescue team was closing in on the house where Norgrove was being held when her captors threw a grenade into the room where she was kept, killing her."
  5. Agreed, but surely after the murder of the British woman Doctor & several other aid workers earlier this year she was stupid to ignore the risks? I'm waiting for idiots like "steven" & "Micawber" to appear & try & justify the gentle, peace loving Talibans actions!

  6. Stupid or brave?

    Or a combination of both?

    Surely no more stupid - or brave- than those serving in Afghanistan?
  7. Though those 'stupid and brave' soldiers had to put their life on the line to save the silly bint!
  8. And those silly bints will still be working in the country long after we have****ed off leaving an even greater mess behind.
  9. You'd think they'd have seen the light after the Norman Kember debacle.

    They may be carrying out "humanitarian" work - feeding their egos and gaining altruistic kudos from it but - ultimately, they are selfish twats who are feeding their own egos safe in the knowledge that attempts will be made to get them out of the shit when it all goes tits up.
  10. FFS another aid worker gets murdered by The Taliban and some posters here can think of nothing better to come out with the same old crap that " oh well tough luck . They must have been really stupid working in a war zone "

    No one would think of coming here after yet another NATO soldier being killed by Jihadists posting crap like " Well serves them right for joining the army " so how come aid workers - who get paid very little , who are aware of the dangers and yet still carry on with their job feeding starving children and treating sick old women - seem to be fair game with this objectionable attitude ?
  11. I have heard, but cannot confirm, that aid workers live in an almost parrallel universe and have their own hierachy and pecking order according to what they have done, where been etc. I think I have even read on here the phrase "Aid worker snobbery".

    Anybody here able to confirm or refute that?
  12. What mugs they are.
  13. People like that don't ignore the risk, they accept it and do what needs to be done.
  14. But with out any thought for the safety of those who might have to help free them.