Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi Its a miracle!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by InVinoVeritas, Mar 28, 2010.

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  1. Given 3 months to live 7 months ago, some reports say he may last 5 years...

    He is now refusing to let any medical reports on his condition be released.

    I wonder what all those fools who praised his release on "Compassionate" grounds will say to this miraculous turn of events.

    I await the responses with baited breath.
  2. Bloody typical for this Country to let the twat go for some oil deals.....hope the yanks choke on their coffee,they did it to us for years with IRA terrorists.
    The whole lot of them,British and Yanks; will sell out anybody for personal gain....it makes my piss fizz!!!! :cry:
  3. Shouldn't Kenny McGaskill be resigning right about now for deceiving the relatives of the Lockerbie victims?

    The stench of this is sickening as is the silence of those who praised it as a courageous decision.

    I really am getting tired of being right all the time but thats what happens when you think the very worst of politicians and liberals.. you are usually bang on the money.
  4. It is the will of Allah.
  5. Money makes the world go round, remember that Guinness cnut Ernest Saunders, the only person ever to get better from Adersheimers, to ill to stay in prison ,my Arrse
  6. Who knew Libyan Healthcare was so good?

  7. Look at Ronnie Biggs at deaths door in August, still breathing today, its almost as if criminals lie to get out of jail early.
  8. A cnut of the highest order, who never met a criminal or terrorist he did'nt like. :x

    Sod resignation; lock him and every other MSP inside that £400 million monstrosity at Holyrood, then burn the fcuking thing to the ground. :evil: :pissedoff:
  9. Oh dear, what a shame. What about those of us that thought he was just a convenient scapegoat at the time?

    You do understand the idea of statistics don't you? That if there's a probable chance of one outcome, that there is another chance that the other outcome might come to pass. It's amazing that we live in a country that's addicted to the Lottery, Pools, betting shops, etc but they still can't get their heads around the idea that their bets might be wrong.

    Mind you, that may explain why so few people run betting shops and so many just spend money in them!
  10. Tried and found guilty, had the opportunity to appeal then decided to drop said appeal when the Scottish Government at the behest of Westminster conspired to release a convicted mass murderer.

    One thing is certain..the victims of Locekrbie dont matter.
  11. Sixty

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    I'll go with the oncology expert rather than the one-topic obsessive with really inexplicable delusions of grandeur who is also a serially banned dullard every time, if it's all the same to you?
  12. The case against him disintegrated years ago. The whole truth is unlikely to ever appear and given the changes in the middle east is just too sodding inconvenient.

    USA shoots down a civilianIranian airbus ... oops
    747 falls from sky ... huge investment in time, money, and diplomatic bargaining that is still ongoing.

    Saddam mocks Bush Snr and the USA military .. destruction of the only secular state in the middle east, the removal of remaining Christian and Jewish worship in Iraq.

    If we stir a little harder we could make Iran the next target for immediate destruction. Do we really want to reduce the crucible of mathematics and philosophy the next stronghold of religious extremisim? Better (and infintely cheaper) to let the internet and satellite TV convert them to the western ways of thinking.

    Bombing entire countries into the stone age is not big, clever, or funny.
  13. Not "a miraculous turn of events" at all. Not at all unusual in cancer cases such as Al Megrahi's.

    Fact - prostate cancer is very hard to call.

    Fact - in some cases, generally those occurring in relatively younger patients, the prostate cancer metastasises & kills rapidly (these are "Tigers"); in many cases - most, in fact, - significant metastasy does not occur, and patients die with rather than from the cancer, frequently many years after diagnosis (these are "Pussycat" prostate cancers).

    Fact - Al Megrahi is relatively young; his cancer is a "Tiger", and it was not, therefore, medically unsound to give a very poor prognosis.

    Sadly, I have lost two friends (both in their 50s) to prostate cancer. However, in both cases, each lasted far longer than predicted by experienced oncologists. That does not render said oncologists inept or dishonest: if a judgement call is demanded, oncologists will go for the "best fit"/ "typical prognosis in a case such as this", and will tend to be conservative in their guesstimates - and that's pretty well what they are, informed guesses!

    Every oncologist knows that a number of factors MAY significantly increase life expectancy. Since returning to Libya, Al Megrabi has received extensive palliative chemo & radiotherapy. This combined with the psychological boost of going home, being with family & friends etc , may well be proving very beneficial. Sometimes, for reasons as yet beyond the ken of current medical science, a degree of remission may occur even without any treatment/ change of circumstance.

    These are medical facts, and why prostate cancers are notoriously problematic to make definitive prognoses on. Al Megrahi could still be around 5 years from now, but it's unlikely...
  14. He was given 6 months to live if he stayed in the Scottish NHS. As you say above, he's had lots of care since going to Libya, so he may have another 5 years. Go figure (as I heard once :oops: )
  15. I wouldn't be surprised if told we were still paying for his health care, and working on what's happened with other foreign nationals in this country we may have even benifits to his family at home? No evidence for this but just the sort of stunt this gov would pull