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Seen as I am up late tonight, I have watched BBC switch to ABC who are doing a prog on Ohio.

I have just watched one of their reporters film a piece on serving soldeiers children attending a "Santa" gathering hosted by veterans.

Interesting thing was that most of the veterans (US) in attendance seem to be able to comprehend the Brit point of view of being able to be pro forces yet against the war.

A yank WW2 vet has just said "I am behind our guys all the way, but if the Germans had invaded the US, I would be the insurgent. This war isn't like ours, we were fighting for the right way and even the German civilians knew that. I don't want to hear about our guys being killed by roadside bombs anymore, we never had that with civilians because we were right" The report then went on to say that 18, 000 yanks had been killed so far (which surprised me, I didn't think it was that many).

No point to this really bar bringing up the views of the veteran, of an American that even NeoCon would never dare point the finger at as a "damn commie liberal".

I personally have never agreed with Telic, we should have finished it during Granby when we had the momentum and the full support of the Iraqi's. I view the 28th Feb as one of the biggest failings of western military power as we could have saved thousands of Iraqi, UK and US lives if we had got rid of the fcuker there and then. At least it would have had a semi legitimate pretense as a retalliation against the invasion of Kuwait as opposed to the made up "axis of evil" crap that bush used this time round.

Poignant (sp) and refreshing to hear the views of men that have actually served in combat with the US forces (unlike their CiC) who are so blatantly with their troops but against their commander.
Most people, even in the US, are capable of distinguishing between being pro-military and anti-war. This is unlike the Vietnam years where the two were synonymous.

The excuse of 'The War Against Terrorism' is, surely, now dead. The extremists who are the American Government have, once again, put their country into a position where a humiliating withdrawal is now almost certain.
It's facinating to watch how the right-wingers justify the scramble to get out of Iraq. Already we can see the 'spin' starting, of how ''the Iraqi Army is nearly ready to take over the security situation'' etc. We all know that is b*llocks and that once the Allies are out, Iraq will degenerate into a complete, bloody shambles.
Possibly, the next time these 'Wild West' fantasists want to start a war somewhere, we will have a Government which will suggest they holster their six-guns in their 'OK corral'..........but I won't hold my breath.
Aunty Stella said:
The report then went on to say that 18, 000 yanks had been killed so far (which surprised me, I didn't think it was that many).
According to CNN, including today's loss, the total number of US servicemen killed in Iraq is 2,178.

Perhaps the figure of 18,000 is for total casualities including those injured but not killed?
tomahawk6 said:
Wounded: 16,155


behind that satistics , is a badly maimed, crippled, burned, legs/arms amputated, brain damaged soldier that the media doesnt see
who cares, we all drink the Queens shilling or take the Presidents Dollar, we all know the job, KILL or BE KILLED. We all work for the Govenment of the day, right or wrong.
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