Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bedfordrl, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. Right, i have my helmet on and expect incoming but i have to ask.

    I have been in the T.A. for three years and do not have a military background,so when I am confronted with the many abbreviations that are used I ,more often than not ,nod sagely and then either ask what the hell was that all about ,or if time allows I have to Google.
    Is there anywhere where all the military abbreviations are listed to help idiots like me.

    Many thanks
  2. You'll still need an internet collection but quite a few are explained on arrsepedia.
  3. Thanks for that.
    Sorted out one straight away.
    When i was i in Gibraltar I thought that FIBUA was just the name of where the village was ,but DOH :x it means Fighting in built up areas.
  4. Fish and Chips always confuses me....
  5. No ,not really.

    Most of my mates of my age enjoy their weekends with their families and friends and do nothing more physical than elbow exercise down the pub.

    Me ,well i decided after reaching forty that i wanted nothing more than to be shouted at by people young enough to be my kids and to run 1400 feet up a rock in unbelievable heat ,learn how to shoot and not get gassed.
    And i loved every minute of it,just not au fait with the lingo old chap.
  6. Indeed. Acronyms are the currency of the modern British Army. You are FAR from alone in not knowing what they all mean. But fairly alone in being honest enough to admit it.

    Here's a solution. Get commissioned. Get promoted to Captain. Get deployed, to a Bde HQ (or higher) full of ambitious young thrusters. Invent your own acronym. Tell NOBODY what it stands for (ideally it should not stand for anything). Drop it casually into conversation at moments of high tension. Use it at an O Gp or Comd's Update (or similar) if you dare. Wait for it to catch on (a mere matter of time). Challenge the first Lt Col or above you hear using it and ask him what it stands for. Then tell him he's bluffing and claim your £10.

    Works every time.
  7. fair play to you!! i wouldnt worry about the lingo! they make it up as they go along around here chap!!
  8. This is superb, haven't laughed so much all day, cheers!

  9. Are you sure you're not Warspasm in disguise?
  10. What's that? I was born and brought up in FIBUA,my old mum still lives there
  11. Or an imaginary piece of equipment.Go to camp in BAOR and have a member of the rear party ring RHQ stating it has been left behind.Much merriment as Regt 2ic/RSM/Uncle Tom Cobley and all work themselves into a lather over the negligence of the sub-unit involved until the denouement when they realise none of them have a scooby what the "missing" kit really is and don't dare ask :twisted:
  12. You're just playing mind games now. BAOR and scooby - you are bad.
  13. Would FRG and "inkling" make me less bad?
  14. Territorial Army

    (Glad I could help)