Abbreviations....OR WHATS IN A NAME..?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by boris7, May 14, 2007.

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  1. Abbreviations....OR WHATS IN A NAME....?

    Been on a "binge"....with some old (walts) 20 - 25 yrs old and in uniform after 2 pints of "milk"..with "older walts" and done a "eddification" test......
    Question...of Abbreviations....

    Please can any members of "arrse" complete the inventory!!!

    RAOC....= Rag And Oil Company
    RAMC.....= Rob All My Comrades
    WRAC.....= Weekly Ration Of Army Cnut
    QOH....= Queers On Horseback
  2. RASC Run Away Someone's Coming
  3. RCT - Rickshaws Cabs and Taxis

    RLC - Really Large Corps

    REME - Royal Engineers Minus Education

    Apologies to anyone who is/has served in those Corps!
  4. Heard the other RAMC before, but I always thought it was,...Run Away, Matron's Coming!

    QARANC was Quick And Ready And Never Caught (apparently).

    And my current outfit, the Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service, don't appear to have a sobriquet attached to the whole abbreviation, although I'm led to believe that the abbreviated abbreviation 'PM' stands for Pilot's Mattress!
  5. QARANC - Quick And Ready And Never Caught

    and an oldie: (Army Service Corps WWI vintage)

    ASC - Ally Sloper's Cavalry
  6. AGC - Alf Garnett's Commandos OR All Girl's Corps
  7. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    QARANC - Gestapo in Grey and Red (not really an abbreviation, but true nonetheless).
  8. QLR - Queen's Last Resort
    RMP - Recruiting Mongs and Pinheads
    RAEC - Reads And Even Counts
  9. SAS......Some Arrse Shaggers.......but reflecting back with the man in Africa..........South African Sid.....

    RCT....Radio Controlled Taxi's
    ACC......Andy Cap's Commando's

    Damm "white lightning"......makes me think of 87 Static Laundry RAOC....the blanket stakers!
  10. Or, as they preferred - Warm, Round and Cuddly
  11. I thought they were called WRAC's because you could nail them against the wall.
  12. QLR - Queer's Losers and Rejects
    RCT - Royal Corps of Taxi Drivers
  13. SBS........Silly Buggers Suck

    RADC........Rabid and Dopey Cnut's
  14. And now I must retire...and have a "blow job"....with a GTN SPRAY!!!!!!
  15. RWF - Really Wierd F*ckers