Abbey Wood

Not sure if this should be here or in RHQ but anyway

I've just been told by my MCM that I'm posted to what was a DLO job in Andover but the post has moved to Abbey Wood in Bristol. Also heard that there are no MQs in Bristol and that everyone travels in and gets paid for it.

can anyone shed any light on this and anything else that might be useful?
I don't know the exact rules and regs, but I know of someone who when posted to Abbeywood had his accommodation paid for as there were no quarters in the area.

Don't know who has been telling you there are no quarters in Bristol because there are at Emersons Green just down the ring road from Abbey Wood. Quarters are (or were) new build, originally built for officer's OR's got them, especially the town houses, because at that point the Officer's were refusing them as the gardens weren't large enough for entertaining. Friend of my (Sgt) got quartered there in a 4 bed detached because they (DHE) couldn't fill, I was forced to endure a 4 bed town house - it was ghastly - NOT!! Situation though may have changed in the past couple of years with more people moving to Abbey Wood, on that I don't know, but all you can do is ask.

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