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In this month's Soldier Magazine, a WO2 has complained that the gym at MOD Abbey Wood is not free and he must therefore pay.

Wait a minute! So he is working on an MOD site and must pay to use the gym? Outrageous! If you are RAF or Navy, though, hey don't worry because we will either pay the membership in full or heavily subsidise it!

In the past I have spent some time at RAF Brize Norton and RNAS Yeovilton where the gym facilities are both excellent - leap years ahead of any Army gym I have been to. Why do we have to keep being the poor partners of the tri-service trio when it comes to the delivery of sports equiment?
Budgets budgets budgets unfortunately.

I think the RAF/Navy budget managers are much much wiser with HOW and WHAT to spend public money on for the good and benefit of their respective service albeit much easier with their size of force respectively.

The Army budget managers however, just do not appear to have an igloo about HOW and WHAT to spend public money on for it's service.

Some may say that it is because te Army is much larger than the Navy and RAF - Then increase the amount equally based on the size of the force!!

Budget managers ..................... seeeyah!!
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