Abbey and Brittany...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RST, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. RST

    RST Swinger


    Would You??
  2. It looks like someone just did!
  3. how many tits do they have?
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  4. That's it! Keep buggering about. Why don't you get straight to the point!

  5. No problems getting plenty of head!

    When they/it orgasms, I wonder if it would be together or take it in turns?
  6. No, but it would be an interesting lesbian act.
  7. That's just wrong.
  8. Double blowjob perhaps? Could have a go with the left head and some hoop dhobi with the right if you raised your leg...
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  9. OK, admit... who went straight to Google thinking there's bound to be some dodgy material?
    I did, and this is the best I could do. There are also some physiological explanations with diagrams for the committed perv, and yes, one snatch.
    I'll try xhamster tonight but I'm not hopeful.

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  10. would it be rape if one said yes and the other no?
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  11. I'm thinking there is a niche in the porn industry for this kind of thing, I've done extensive research but have never seen anything even similar.
  12. Surely if they both said no, it would cancel out and make a yes?
  13. Serious question- who controls what? Parts wise that is.
  14. Wiki seems to suggest if you draw a line straight down the middle, with a little over lap in themiddle each twin controls their half. And they've learnt to walk, cycle and even drive together!!!

    Stomach ache (they have two) is felt in the oppisite twin... which must be nice if one has a penchant for Fals!
  15. I think the one on the right controls the majority, lefty has an arm all to herself. And yes I would with gusto, however, mindful of anyone else finding out..