Abbas Says Hed Put Peace Plan to a Vote

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, May 26, 2006.

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  1. Blokes got some guys actually good on him. Hamas/Fatah etc are all too busy blowing up "evil israeli" civilians (whos direct fault it is that israel is where it is of course....) to realise that the palestinians just want peace and the extremists to piss off
  2. Yes, he has guts and I reckon Israel reckons it is worth trying to keep him, hence the weapons for his men (though in pinciple I dont agree with it). IMHO,I dont think the Pals will vote for 'limited' gains, they have just come out of an election where Hamas (and what they stand for) were voted in and feeling is far too polarised, etc.

    Until today, their main current agenda was actually 'blowing up' each other.
  3. If Palestinian people would accept Israel it might change the dynamic of the situation but I don't think i would bet on it.
  4. Unlikely.
  5. If the Israelis withdrew to their borders, complied with numerous UN resolutions and stopped settling the West Bank then Palestinians might be slightly more inclined to negotiate with them.
  6. It might. But on the otherhand, it might not.

    And since you're sitting comfortably in the US, there is no effect on you one way or another. So save your money. Now, if you were a Palestinian, you may be a little more thoughtful about this subject.
  7. This is a very shrewd move by Abbas. If he can persuade the people to vote for a settlement in a referendum he will have effectively undone the Hamas election victory and rendered himself as the spokesperson of the people. However, the Hamas leadership are not stupid and I would not be surprised to see a counter-proposal in the next few days.

    Meanwhile, the apparent fatwa against the Fatah military leadership continues, particularly in Gaza with the head of Preventative Security killed by a bomb and the head of General Intelligence injured in another attack.

    This one will run and run.