Abbas reminds Hamas he can dissolve government


ANKARA (Reuters) - Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas sent a sharp reminder to Hamas on Monday he had the power to dissolve the new government, but said he did not want to do so and would give the group more time to embrace peacemaking.

"Hamas has to change some of its political attitudes. Let's wait a while and see if it will change," Abbas told Turkish CNN.

Shunned by the United States and the European Union for refusing to renounce violence and accept the pursuit of peace with Israel, the Hamas-led Palestinian Authority has been struggling for nearly a month to secure funds to pay overdue salaries to 165,000 government workers.

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, speaking in Gaza, said funds collected by the Arab League in Cairo now totaled "maybe" $90 million and that discussions were under way to bring that money quickly into the Authority.

Fearing U.S. sanctions, many banks are refusing to handle any of the government's funds, and it remains to be seen whether any of the promised aid will make it through.

"Hamas is still acting as if it were in opposition, not in government. It has to face realities, it has to be in contact with Israel to meet the daily needs of the Palestinian people," Abbas said in remarks translated from English into Turkish.
It is an interesting situation. Structures affiliated with Fatah are performing terror acts, shellings of Israel while Hamas maintain unilateral truce during a year. But namely Hamas is being branded as a terror organisation and Abbas receives at least a moral support from the West.

Fatah lost the elections and in theory the West should support democratically elected government not indirect supporter of a terrorism. Haven't heard even one statement made by a Western leader where he(she) urges Abbas to respect democratical principles.

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