Abba The Movie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. If I take the present Mrs Van to see this flick,will I become a raving hermer?
  2. You're already a raving hermer for even thinking about it.

    If you actually go you'll be a screaming hermer.
  3. Without a shadow of a doubt. The only thing gayer would to be to take her to Slags in the city...
  4. Lock this thread now
  5. You have five minutes..............I'll close the door.

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  6. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    No no no wait! I'm doing a bit of charity work at the minute, and I might be able to get hold of a few tickets to the Bristol premier. If anyone in the area (Abbey Wood would make it nice and easy for everyone) and fancies sending the missus, or someone else's missus, give me a shout. Red carpets and some D-list celebs should be useful for getting you in the good books. Worth a nosh from wifey, at least.

    Obviously I can't condone any "man" who wants to go.
  7. Hmmm,an in depth knowledge of Abba lyrics,is that raving or screaming?
  8. You are clearly bent as a three pound note.
  9. In answer to the question, yes. The obvious solution is to go along to the cinema, dump the Mrs. in the Abba film and then go and see a blokes one like Wanted, Iron Man or Indy. If that doesn't fly just demand a quid pro quo that next time you see something a bit less mincing to balance the hermer-ness out.
  10. I bloody hate ABBA... wild horses wouldnt drag me along to this pile of tripe.... roll on Hell Boy II I say!!!
  11. I remember many years ago in the NAAFI at Airport Camp, two videos: A Bridge Too Far and ABBA The Movie. Shown on alternate nights. The 2 PARA boys were glued to either. I don't recall ANY other videos being shown. Ergo, ABBA have an allyness score - albeit a very low one.
  12. Ok,thanks for clearing that up.

    Abba,slightly ally? Now,I didn't see that coming!
  13. ABBA, totally ally !!!!!

    There is nothing quite like it for playing at top volume post beer sess in the block at 2 am to terrorise the nigs
  14. Thanks Welly,that adds to my confusion!