Abatement of Pension. Help needed.

Help needed please.

Assuming I leave on 35K and take up an FTRS post for 30K I understand (see below) that my IM pension (10K yearly) will top up my wage back to 35K. what happens to the missing 5k?

Thank you for any help inthis matter.

Abatement of Pension. In accordance with current Treasury rules, anyone in receipt of an Army pension will be liable to have that pension abated on re-employment. This means that individuals will be allowed to retain that amount of their basic pension which, when added to their basic pay on re-employment on FTRS, equals the basic pay that they were receiving on the
last day of regular service, uprated by the percentage of pension ncreases applicable to the code under which their regular pension was assessed. This abatement rule is not restricted solely to just FTRS personnel (it also applies to Military Provost Guard Service). In cases where the total remuneration is greater than the level permitted, the AFPS pension in payment may be abated or suspended. Where an individual has taken resettlement commutation and their 12 pension in payment is subject to abatement in whole or part, a reduction equal to the amount of pension commuted will be made from their pension.

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