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James Napier’s sculpture, the Abandoned Soldier is an exceptional piece of art and deserves a permanent home but the Government does not generally sponsor statues or memorials, military or otherwise. Responsibility for the management of Trafalgar Square passed to the Greater London Authority (GLA) in 2000, so the Government has no direct say in what should be put on the fourth plinth. However, any suggestions from the public are welcomed by the GLA and should be sent to the Mayor’s office at City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London, London SE1 2AA.

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Apart from the first paragraph the rest of the response is irrelevant IMO.

However the following paragraph really showed how little support is going through in some areas for after service PTSD.

"MOD gave the mental health charity Combat Stress £2.5M in fees in 2006/2007 and last year agreed to a phased increase in the fees, which rose to 45% from January 2008, to enable them to enhance their capability to treat veterans."

Is it a genuine increase or is it because CS has increased the number of people treated by changing methods?


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Ministers just don't have enough common sense to leave well alone. Padding this reply out by talking down to everybody about rubbish like 'Armed Forces Day' is just an insult to intelligence. They should just have stuck to saying that the plinth belongs to the Mayor of London 'to whom this petition has been forwarded' (which it presumably hasn't).

Also, they can't see that servicemen having to rely on charities like RBL and Combat Stress is an utter dereliction of Ministers' duty of care. Govt should be funding that swimming pool, for starters, and reimbursing 100% all costs incurred by RBL etc in forcing Govt to grant individual War Pensions etc. including the appeals process when civil servants try a low bid to try and cheat the serviceman.


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