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abandoned soviet sub base

Here's something else you might find interesting. It's the U-Boot dockyard "Valentin" in Bremen-Farge. You can still wander around it, although almost all of the fittings and machinery have been removed. It's absolutely ginormous and well worth a visit. There are some piccies further down the page.

It's all in German, by the way, but lots of ARRSErs are sufficiently familiar with the langauge.


The other links on the page also go into how it was built, production techniques, etc and also have loadsa piccies.
The Best place to buy if you plan to be BOND ENEMY and plan the take over of the world! :D

But Remember shoot the C#nt before telling him of your plan...they alway want to gloat!!! :wink:
Submarine bases are a bad plan for Bond enemies, explsions in tunnels, re always too tempting for Jimmy B.

Ideally Bonds enemy would set up shop in a highstreet. Mi6 cant risk collateral damage and somehow none of his enemies ever figure this out. so they build there bases in bizarre out of the way places, that must be hell to commute to.

Why not build you base in Ruislip it would be much easier to get to and bomd wouldnt be able to blow it up, without a very dull sequel - "BOND: The court martial years"
Health spa - in Ruislip - what an excellent proposal for world domination.

Instant sunshine is what i will call it!

(with golf carts, and colour coded jumpsuits)


Mind you considering we are joking about the cold war, I think the residents of Ruislip and/or Northwood may have well had instant suntans :twisted:
Sorry old chap but as you can see me being a Jock we already have world Domination.....LOL
And as Usual Mi6 would not find the Base till it all went very wrong,then it would tell the Yanks to bomb UK forces by mistake anyway!
Yeh I think the Health Spa is the best Idea!

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