Abandoned Soldiers get their arrses on TV

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by .Dolly, May 15, 2007.

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  1. One to watch:

    BBC2 Monday 21 May 2100hrs

    "THE BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR SQUARE" LINK (there are four preview bites at this link, starting from the second one in)

    An episode in the "Power to the People" series highlighting the lack of care of our service personnel, also showing the erection of the Face of the Abandoned Soldier sculpture in Trafalgar Square.

    BBC news article here

    Great that this issue is being aired and at a time to maximise audience numbers. A bit of a pity its not BBC1, can't have everything I suppose.

    Extremely pertinent stuff, better late than never. Bliar needs this force fed down his contemptible throat :evil:

    What are the chances of having this sculpure replace the pregnant thalidomide currently occupying the plinth in the corner of the Square I wonder?

    [Edited by me to try a different title...]
  2. ugly

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  3. Bump. Required viewing.
  4. Just seen a picture of a friend of mine on that link, I'll be tuning in for that one.
  5. Stonker

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    I'm glad this has been posted - I was going to do it otherwise.

    Just a thought though. The thread's been live for over 5 hours, and has not yet got into double figures for visits.

    Can you change the name to "Crippled Veterans - Protest in Trafalgar Sq" or something equally direct, but shorter?

    Alternatively, I'll post the same thing, with a different name and we'll see whcih gets most hits :D
  6. Stonker, may I suggest you pour yourself another, your vision might improve! Thread views into double figs long before your post ;) ………. but as this important subject needs maximum exposure I may try a title edit. Suggestions for a gripping headline?
  7. Stonker

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    Dolly - I stand corrected - I was reading replies, not looks. (Looks was never my strong point!) :D (Shouldagonetospecsavers . . .)

    Actually, one reason I didn't post myself was 'cos I was struggling for a title.

    I'd go for Abandoned Veterans: Protest on TV 21 May (or whatever date)

    There was some stuff about this on a thread 3-4 months ago, but I haven't tracked it down.
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    That was posted by booty football and I hosted the images!
  9. Stonker

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    Link to original thread? pretty pse?
  10. ugly

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    No chance, I've searched 19 pages so far!
  11. BBC Radio London was discussing this at 3am today. Made the point very clearly that Trafalgar Square was erected to honour Nelson and the fallen of Trafalgar. Popular consensus was that Alison's sculpture should be at Tate Modern or Tate Brittain.

    BootyFootball's original post - 22 Jan
  12. ugly

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  13. From the photo diary on the link the prog looks a bit "Right on", but well worth watching for all that. Good effort!
  14. Alarm set on my phone for this and I will let as many people know as possible. This is going to be interesting......
  15. Thanks Dolly, one to watch indeed!