Abandoned Soldier Statuette

So. Has anyone received one yet?

Wish I could have afforded the bronze version but my card was billed on 22nd May so it must be on its way. Can't remember what it said on the site about delivery times.

Mine's getting pride of place at home.
OK first observation. Perhaps no one here has actually bought one of these from Peter Hicks.

I chased this on 4th June to be told there was a problem receiving payments from Paypal. I thought Hmm but gave them the benefit of the doubt although in 3 years of Paypal transactions I've never heard of this happening before with a vendor.

On 11th June after sending a critical email I received an apology and this message "No noticed delay in the payment seen at this end. Not too sure where that information came from - if from us, our apologies." Then later the same day an order number at last.

It's now 23 working days out of the max 28 days allowed for this type of purchase. I've never had such a long delay before and I'm getting worried. Can anybody who's used Peter Hicks for this or other types of order supply reassurance?
Mmmmm I bought a few, of which I have successfully auctioned off two for Combat Stress :D . However I am still waiting for actual delivery (sorry Rugby maid and SkiCarver :oops: ), from my telephone calls to them I get no smell of sulphur i.e. its a scam, I just think that they are not very together :roll: - which is a shame because if they were, I would buy more. :x
OK here's a bit fo their reply.

"The statues are built to order by craftsmen here in Wiltshire and you are
more than welcome to visit the workshop to see the progress at any time (our address is at the bottom of every page on our web site) - they are not mass produced and stock piled in anticipation ! Your order is coming through with all of the other orders and as with all art is built with enormous care.

Resin orders can easily take a month to make (bronze 3 months +) and as the artist made some changes to the face after the program, in order to create the best result for the buyers, the progress by the Company has been to schedule."

btw armchair_jihad it appears the representative of Peter Hicks Ltd has completely misread your reply and thinks you've made an accusation. I've tried to contradict their mistaken belief in my reply to them today.
Whats the web address for the maker, and is this guy based in Seend Wiltshire, If so I think he did the IDB statuette in 82 which i have and it is outstanding.
Just to let folks know my order arrived today. Approx. 5 weeks from date of order to delivery. Extremely well packed to say the least!

It's got pride of place in my escape room.

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