Abandoned Soldier Statue.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Hat20, Sep 11, 2007.

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  1. It would appear that with all good intentions that the Statue donated to Combat Stress Tyrwhitt House has not gone down to well and understandably so and is at the moment round the side with a cover on it.
    As its going to take awhile for the petition to get one on the vacant plinth Trafalgar Square through and sorted,a few of us have wondered..any ideas on alternative locations for the one at the House? Imperial War Museum?...
    Also that the idea to have one commisioned for the National Memorial Arboretum should be looked at again as its intention is memorial not shock reminder which is the statues role.
    Its not a case of ungratefull just a case of appropriate.
  2. Knock the Mandella staue down and put it in the vacant plinth there is what I say.
  3. Mmmm there are a fair few possible sites around London - Clerkenwell Green for instance, but a non Labour Council would be essential I believe.

    Maybe next to the (mens) toilets at Red Kens super sized Mosque?
  4. Put it in the lobby of the House of Commons to remind those feckers that war is a serious business and has its repercussions.
  6. Knock that naked no leg, no arm woman FFS. Of course, she is a woman of hardship but I could come up with more who have to get by with disabilities and hardship yet there's no commission for their statute. And why naked?

    The AS is more suited there, IWM as mentioned, National War Museum, or opposite Blair's new home in Connaught Square, London.
  7. Whats the problem with it? I thought it was superb.
  8. Does anyone have a link to have a look at the statue?

    P.S. could you make sure it is DII friendly
  9. That IS the problem with it JD.
  10. Silly me! Probably is that it hits home a little too hard.
  11. Why the feck have we got a statue of a militant Sarth Efricun terrorist in London, i thought the statues in London are of those who have contributed a considerable amount to this country, What the feck has he given us? This country should be remembering all those that have served this glorious nation. Feck it off and get the Abandoned Soldier back in. Good effort to all those who erected it, saw it all on BFBS. Damned good effort!
  12. Abandoned Soldier
  13. Whilst i wholeheartedly agree, with you on this - why is he there?

    This government, or for that fact any government, is never going to sanction the erection of a statue called the 'forgotten' soldier, the 'abandoned' soldier, the 'PTSDd' soldier, the 'broken' soldier etc.

    Its a lost cause petitioning for it, better off asking for a new memorial / statue to reflect the resolve, the commitment and the loyalty of the British Tommy.
  14. Yet still they will have the gall to lay wreathes at the Cenotaph

    Fecking hypocrites.
  15. Yes it is T-C - and THEY (as opposed to THEM) do not like it. It's a bit too close to home for the Politicos and the being reminded of unpleasantness and their moral cowardice in not providing adequate support for out troops past, present and future will be seen as very unwelcome.

    So Parliament it is then!