Abandoned Soldier Miniatures Combat Stress Auction III

Ladies and Gentlemen

I have purchased a few of the Abandoned Soldier Miniatures


which will now be auctioned one by one for Combat stress, .Dolly has kindly offered to keep tabs on the thread and to make sure you pay what you pledge. Once the winning bid has been accepted by .Dolly the miniature (Bronze Resin only I am afraid) will be posted to an address of your choosing. Postage and packing will be out of my own pocket so 100% of your bid goes to Combat Stress.

There is no reserve price on each auction, we will be accepting bids in an arbitrary fashion, because we can. If you don’t succeed on your first bid then keep bidding as there are a few Miniatures to get through.

So then first up; an Abandoned Soldier Miniature (Bronze Resin)

Who wants it?

Forty Five Pounds
[MARQ=right]B U M P[/MARQ]

A super gesture by Armchair_Jihad lads and lasses, keep the bidding spirit going and keep this prominent.

There were quite a few posters on the Abandoned Soldier TV programme thread interested in owning a miniature but couldn't stretch to the amount and/or expressed a view that they would prefer a great portion of the purchase price to go to Combat Stress, well here's your chance with
100% of the final bid sum going to Combat Stress :D

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