Abandoned Soldier Minature Sculpture - What are your views?


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I was about to buy one of these, until I saw:

1. £185.14 less 10% for ONE month only (166.63)

2. 10% goes to the fund!!! - £18.51

IMHO, I feel the pricing structure would be more realistic, moral and ensure more sales if it was £50 with 25% going to the fund.

I intend to email the artist on this matter and, therefore, would welcome the views of all on here about the above and at what price you would buy?
The price is the only reason I haven't bought one already.

At 10" high and made of bronze resin the price is a rip off. Sorry.

Mind you maybe the artist wants to keep them somewhat exclusive?

If it ever did get onto the plinth then you could have a bronzey looking one for about £2.50 in no time at all.

Much to expensive is my vote.
too expensive in relation to the % to charidy, a pity after such a good program
Yup, too expensive by far when you look at the other statues on there, I've got the Para in jump order one which I received in the 80's and to be fair it's top quality, I would have got one of these but the price put me off.
I'd love one, but sadly too pricey for cold-cast bronze (ie resin). Would be more inclined to shell out if higher percentage of takings were going to the charity.
Sorry, I don't know anything about the sculptor. Can anybody tell me where he has exhibited, and if he is well known, and so can command a high price for his work - his name on it pushing up the price
Not an expert on the subject but:

You reckon 18 quid is too little to donate, but then propose you would like to donate 25% of a 50 quid pricetag? [scrambles for calculator] Thats 12.50!
I reckon your forfeit should be to get your chequebook out and donate 12.50+18.51 = 31.01 quid on general principal you tight muppet ;)

A 10in bronze statue (thats a proper 10in, not the faux 10in you boast about to the ladies) is going to be pretty expensive in raw materials, plus i assume the artist wants to eat and pay his pimlico rent so not too suprised on the pricetag really.
However, not sure I'd want to have that standing on my mantelpiece whatever the price (fair go to those that would, just not my taste).
So, I reckon find something you like for 50 quid, and then get your chequebook and donate whatever you feel appropriate to a good cause?
I think he's selling to what he perceives as a captive market.

The price is steep, if it could have been broken down into payments (e.g. Direct Debit) over a period of nine to twelve months, I might be tempted - but I just can't afford so much in one lump sum.

The reason for the price as I understand it is to purchase the material (bronze) for the full size statue.

Someone suggested that he might authorise lapel badges at £5 a touch with 25-50% going to Forces charities - this, I think would be a good idea.


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I checked out the chromed version and it comes to approx. £350 smackers.

That means I'll give £35 to the charidy.

Still, too damned expensive. :cry:
Shit, when did I get so cynical? I blame the government...

On looking further the 10% contribution on these minutures goes towards the fund to raise money for him to build the big one that will cost 60K. Any money raised on top of that will only then go to Combat stress. Must admit that raises a few eyebrows for me but as said I am in a cynical mood right now. He's raising money to give himself a bigger commission..? Am i reading it the wrong way?
But, as admitted above I know relatively little about the subject, I dont know the artist, and am sure he has the best motives and intentions. He may be working for nothing and only factoring in raw material costs and giving his labour for free. Just questioning the methods. I'd rather it all went to combat stress and anything left over then goes to making a big statue. Looking at that thing is more likely to give me PTSD than fix it IMHO.
I don't know how the statue was commissioned, but it may be that the sculptor produced the work for the programme for little or no money, in the hope that he would make something on the miniatures - and, of course, the 'new' statue to put on the plinth (if and when).

The small bronzes that are so popular as leaving gifts are cheap because they are mass produced and available all over the place. The miniatures of the 'Abandoned Soldier' are produced on a different scale altogether.

That said, I can't afford one either, but would certainly support the idea of lapel badges.
I was buying one untill I saw the end price of (Total £198.47 )
pity, I would have liked to have one, TOOO steep for my
SMALL pension... :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: 8O 8O :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
Looked into buying one too, but at that price it's a no brainer. Lapel badges sound like a fantastic idea.
Defo a lapel badge ,nicely done , and I would be prepared to pay a reasonable rate for it, just the thing to compliment Mr Potato head.
Reminds me of the "Support the Troops" bumper stickers plastered all over cars here in America. I haven't priced them but I'm sure they are a lot more expensive than similar bumper stickers and not much of any goes to the troops. I had in mind to order some that said "Support the" is large letters and "makers of yellow ribbon bumper stickers in China" in small print. Of course I would donate all profits to some charity of my choosing.
Are there any links to piccies or more details of this? Everybody seems to know the score and I haven't a clue what it's all about

No t'ickie Oirishman jokes, please. :D :D :D


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