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Abacuss 2000th post

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Sluice_dweller, Nov 1, 2005.

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  1. Well it would appear that Abacus is about to make his 2000th post on ARRSE, he said he wanted to make it something special. So how about a party to celebrate and drag him into the NAAFI for once in his ARRSE life!!

    I suggest Lot's of alcohol? Cracked open the JD ready!!

  2. Well what better 2000th post than to invite you all to a party. So for those of you who aren't joining us in Edinburgh this weekend, feel free to join us in here at the virtual party.

    Thanks Sluice, lots of alcohol a must.
  3. Well - I may as well say here is my 1000th

    The drinks are on me at some pub in Auckland - some time to be decided.
  4. DozyBint staggers in laden with Bombay Sapphire, Schweppes Tonic Water and bags of limes.

    Line up, line up, for the best G&Ts on the planet!

    PS Where's the ice?
    PPS Congrats Abacus, but how much is your contribution to this?! :p :D
  5. Hmmmmmmmm G+T, JD & Coke................... decisions, decisions......................................can I have both?

  6. Southern Comfort with lemonade all the way. And nobody gets to leave till its finished!!!

    Congrats Abacus on 2000 and Blackhnd on 1000(although yours will be a cyber measure).
  7. Is there a cocktail called a Space Odyssey? I only ask because this is post 2001 :D

    Should I be making notes about all these alcoholic preferences for the weekend or will champagne do?
  8. 2000 posts Abacus?

    You sad man - get a life! :D

    Who am I kidding?
  9. Congratulations, I will buy you a beer in Edinburgh! :lol:
  10. Yes. It sounds foul:

    I take it this will be your drink of choice for Saturday? :-D And congrats!
  11. Cheers bb, if I buy you one do I get an extra vote in the comp? ;)

    How did D_D overtake me again? The MODs' forum must be a busy one! Bet that's where kathywest is hiding....
  12. I rather fancy a drink known locally as The Card Table which is 50/50 Whisky & Champagne

    Known as the card table because it makes your legs fold up under you.


    Any others out there that we could try?
  13. The 'Cheeky Vimto'?

    I spent a week last year at SHAPE in Mons courtesy of a nautical friend who introduced me to this horrific concoction. 2 measures of port and a bottle of Blue WKD in the same glass.
  14. mmmm cheeky vimto mmmmmmmm

    Congratulaions Abacus

    *does a little dance*
    *kiss on the cheek*
  15. well done abacus, when is the edinburgh piss up? only ask, cos up in two weeks for the scotland all blacks game, am i lucky enough to have both on the same weekend? If not, will have a beer or three for you in london