Abacus Kit Insurance Rip Off

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by laughinboy, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Hi just had a new schedule through for my kit insurance from Abacus and am not impressed at all with no prior warning it now states that the following items are now not covered: Desktop Computer, Property in storage, Spectacles(not that i wear them), pedal cycles and laptops.

    The Laptop cover i never had anyway as they wanted an extra £30 per month to cover a laptop worth £1000 but bikes and personal computers were covered before not impressed at all and they can ram it now as i have seen other kit insurers offering no additional costs to cover the above items if anyone knows any good kit insurers that you can reccomend please reply thanks.
  2. Don't go with Naafi whatever you do.

    I put in a claim knowing full well that the excess was £50 due to my kit going missing when it was sent back from sunnier climes. Said excess then jumped to £150 because, and I quote, I'm in the military. WTF would a civvy need kit insurance for then??? :x It was only when I threatened to contact Watchdog and after kicking up a right stink that they backed down. Funnily enough, even though I posted my experience in the Finance thread, no-one from Naafi was able to give me a decent response....
  3. Naafi financial offered the usual recruit deal in training everyone signed up, yet despite the "automatic upgrade" once the free trial period was over when members of my Batch went to claim following our ex in the USA they didnt want to know. Similarly, a fellow Troop Cmd who did have the real deal tried to claim when his car got broken into, just got mucked about.
  4. I've had kit insurance with Abacus for years. I always found them to be up front and extremely helpful. Their helpfulness was put to the test when some Southern, drugged up, chav cnut robbed my house.

    Abacus sent out an insurance assessor within two days. This lad was was fantastic in every aspect, from filling out the paperwork to telephone calls to confirm makes and models of the stolen house contents.

    I had new for old replacements within days and a large cheque for items they could not replace like firearms, diving equipment etc.

    They are definately worth paying an extra couple of quid on your policy per month as they do pull out all the stops in a crisis.

    They are a very, very good company. Unlike Hastings Direct who are utter cnuts who like to go back on everything they promise you.
  5. I have just tried to claim through my Abacus kit insurance (two claims, both legit, one for an item broken by the removals men, and one for march out charges). The whole process has just become too difficult, particularly the march out charges. I have sent them a copy of the bill (from the defence bills agency) Abacus are asking for a copy of my pay statement, which proves that i have paid the bill. I have tried to explain that it has not come out of my wages, and that i paid a cheque direct to the DBA. Brick wall time!!!

    As for the item broken by the removals monkeys, Abacus expect me to run around contacting removals firms etc, even though I have provided them with delivery notes stating damage etc.

    I have just given up, having been with Abacus for well over five years, and never having claimed, I find the whole procedure ballbreaking.

    My revenge?? If Abacus think they're coming to brief my guys...they can forget it!!!
  6. You should let them, but when you introduce the rep, also explain why you would never deal with them again :twisted:
  7. Duty Booty
    Sorry to hear about this - we pride ourselves on an excellent claims service and believe our claim to premium ratios are well above industry norms. Let us have the details in a pm and we will look into it for you.
  8. I have been with PAX for kit insurance for a long time and no complaints at all.
  9. anyone know what protect and serve are like and what is the average cost per month that you are all paying
  10. Ive heard a rumor that Abacus have been stalling over claims made on blokes injury cover, after they have been injured in Afgan! Not on :x
  11. ??? PAX is for personal life assurance cover isn't it ?

    All insurance companies should be judged not by their premiums but by their performance when you submit a claim. Direct Line are one of the cheapest firms on the market but my experience of them when I got my car stolen was very negative, they put every possible obstacle in the way of giving me the dosh to replace my car. I would NEVER touch them again for anything.

    Personally speaking, better a few quid on the premium in the knowledge you will get a decent service.
  12. I forgot, my last RAO told me over the last of many decanters of port that he got well entertained and hosted during course by Abacus - this does not influence why they and Wilsons get access. It may have been the port talking tho.

    I haven't had any probs with Abacus with my guys claims.
  13. I made two claims in 14 years.after my second claim (Kit Stolen) which was 5 years after the first (removals Damage) I on my next renewal was informed I was a high risk and a frequent claimer and that my premiums were to be raised accordingly. Suffice to say I know have but the barest of cover with them :evil: :evil:
  14. I claimed on Abacus because I lost my mobile phone on the piss one night. Rang them up left out the on the piss bit and they valued my phone at £200.

    Provided them a receipt etc and within a few days I had a cheque for £100. They charged £100 excess on mobile phones but it was my own stupid fault for losing the thing in the first place.

    So quite happy with my service up to this point
  15. Been with Abacus since 1990 and never had a claim until 2004 when some f***ing pikey bastards stole my garage (yes, I s*it you not, they even took the building!). They were really helpful, and paid fully for everything I had in there (about £8500). Since then I've been unfortunate to have 2 claims in as many years, and again they have been bending over backwards to help me.

    Yes the premiums are higher than with some companies, but I would switch for anything.

    In the past I've also experienced trying to make a claim through direct line car insurance. Cheapest isn't always best.