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Ladies and gents,

Recently guitar_playa08 has posted several times with regards to our clan and the Project Reality MOD.

Although I commend his enthusiasm with regards to advertising and recruitment I cannot condone his actions and blatant abuse towards other forum members.

He has also admitted to hacking which goes against all clan values and the core values of the British Army.

Please do not take his comments or actions as a reflection on the ABA. His membership with the clan is being 'reviewed' as we speak.

We welcome new members openly and on a trust basis, obviously some nuggets do get through the loop and are dealt with accordingly.

You do not have to be a serving or ex member of the Army to come and have a nose through our forum, it is only required for clan membership.

Please jump on our server which is the only officially sponsored ArmyNet server:

Again I can only apologise for his actions and this is being looked in to.


ABA Forum
Does this mean i can join up :D
I think it means you can browse the forums B--R, but you can't become a member, nothing to stop you downloading PR and giving it a try though, show everyone just how sh*t hot you are :lol:

Oh I just love cadet rivalry :D

From when I played though the servers weren't usaully that full? I take it they're pretty active now?
You must be serving or have served to join the clan but you are still welcome to come onto the forum and on the server at anytime.

Our server has been pretty busy in the last week but it can go in fits and starts as a lot of our members are busy with work at the minute. Life in green still goes on.
I'll come and have game at some point.
OK im Downloading all the PR patches, mods etc, will be on their soon

Whats the IP for the public servers on PR?
Ladies and Gents,

After pain staking investigation and long deliberations it has been decided by ABA Admin that the individual named in my first post has been 'retired' from the ABA Clan.

He tried to create multiple accounts and his actions with regards to hacking are not within acceptable boundaries for any gaming group.

If you are playing Project Reality or BF2 and come across one of the following players I advise you play with caution:

ArmyAirCorpsTPR - There are at least 4 known variations of this name.

He may have other aliases and these will be discovered if he has.

All ABA Clan members use the [ABA] tags and we would love to see you all playing PR or even just popping onto our forum for a chat.


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