Serious questions please for the learned. Does the army still issue the AB108 booklet (Regular Army Certificate of Service)? Is it still in the form of a hard back red book? Has anyone ever used it as a reference for a job? Has anyone ever been asked for it to prove their military service?
Not particulary learned, but you may detect a nuance of the current state of play here.

I was asked for mine only once, for a Civil Service job.
I get asked for my red book quite a lot at interviews but I work for ex officers mostly
thank f*** I got a good one
Thanks the_butler - so you think that if your employers were not ex officers and in the know about the little red book - you would not get asked to produce it?
When I left I took my red book along to every interview but wasn't asked for it once - no one seemed interested when I told them what it was!!!

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