Ab routine maintaining required sit ups?

So i was fillowing te 200 sit up programe now at about 130 sit ups which find boring doing just normal sit ups. Whats everyone do for there ab workout to maintain easily 50+ in 2 mins? I want to add some different exercises to give a better workout but to not drop my max sit ups .
Couple of ideas:

Try doing situps with your feet raised and flat (i.e. put your feet on a step, so that your feet are flat on the step, your arrse is 8" lower than your feet and your thighs are pretty much vertical).

Medicine ball situps - try doing them with a partner, so that you do one sit up normally, catch the ball as you get to the top, then lower and raise with the ball (over the head for maximum effort and throw it as you get to the top

Twist sit ups


Seated row (feet and head off of the floor, lower both until they're nearly touching the mat, then bring the knees back in towards the chin and repeat)
I like the medicine ball ones but i train alone, would 20 crunches/twists/seated rows then repeat and 1 min side planks be sufficient 3x a week?
Try leg raises: Hang off a chin-up bar and keeping your legs straight, bring your feet up to your hands. Good for your lower abs.

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