AATAM, what do you do to yours?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ollyblobf, Oct 13, 2005.

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  1. Dear all it's me again with some bizzare questions.

    I am currently in my third year at uni and as a last ditch attempt of work avoidance have descided to use the AATAM as the basis for my final year project. I was just wondering if anyone out there works for the Directorate General of Development and Doctrine and can offer me some assistance. I am looking to design and model an electronic orders tool for potential use with communication systems.

    I would be glad to hear from anyone who has information on the original AATAM i.e. who supplies the army with the filofaxes, who supplies the waterproof paper and how is it printed.

    I would be very intersted to hear about what people do to customise their TAM. Your views on its use and what could be done to make it more useful.

    So if you think you can help this poor student sort his life out as it were please leave your thoughts here or e-mail me.

    Olly (blob) Thornton-Flowers
  2. That truly is bizarre
  3. WAH!!!

  4. They print it on water proof paper, mines on cd rom.

    Paper is so last century

  5. Flowers, you geek.
    TD x