Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Skimmod, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. Silly question of the day....

    Noticed on a few replies in the forum AASAA as a qualification. Is this the same as the nomal SAA qualification or is it an additional qual?

  2. Wah shield up

    AASAA- All Arms Skill At Arms a course/ qual open to any corps in Army whereas the SAA is a predominantly Inf course (mortars etc also the SAA is 6 weeks) IIRC TA only do the AASAA course but its basically the same qual- only difference is you have to pass a WHT on a weapon to teach it.at the end of the day its basically the same thing.
  3. Why not do the shortest course instead of the six weeker?

    Oh, you already do.
  4. Marvellous! Thanks Johnnyg. I was having a bit of a brain stoppage and the IA wasn't working.
    Of course the AA means all arms... DOH :roll:

    thanks ( i can't even blame it on a monday morning!)