AArmy Major fined after girl drowns

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 2/51, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. Not like the local paper to get the facts wrong, but a tradegy none the less.

    Evening Express - Article - Major fined £5,000 after canoe drowning tragedy

    Kaylee was a local army cadet who was on a camp over on the West Coast when the Rib she was in flipped in heavy seas. She was trapped under the boat due to her life jacket being for adults and thus too buoyant, pinning her to the underside.

    Unfortunately a head count was not done and she was not discovered for 90 minutes. She did not survive.

    The (ACF) Officer incharge, Major George McCallum was fined £5000 after he admitted charges related to health and safety.

    Strangely, the coxwain of the boat, who's judgement was called into question for travelling at speed in rough seas, was not charged.

    He was in over all charge of the exercise, but others were in charge of safety. Seems he may have taken the fall for others?
  2. Weren't they in Rigid Raiders... not canoes.

    Maj McCallum IS the CEO mentioned in the accident. He was also the ECO, and skipper of the Rigid Raider that capsized....

    he also 'obtained' the raiders for teh ACF and was the SME during the exercise.
  3. Major George McCallum was at the time also a Company Commander in 7 SCOTS, the ACF was his "Day" Job

    The Raider was an old bit of kit and the only one to Cox it was George, due to the fact no one else was qualified. it was also used as a safety boat when our pioneer platoon was playing on water or with bridges (Small ones)

    No excuse to cut corners when kids life's are involved, maybe a few more ACF types should take note.
  4. I've got to be honest, I think the reports are very confusing (and I mean the marine boards and Sherrifs) in that they don't mention anyone by name, nor in any way have a CLEAR way of showing who is who.
  5. The Major was the CEO.

    *edit: in the time it took me to read the report then click send on this post the question had already been answered.
  6. Dual Post
  7. So, going by the report and with the caveat that I wasn't at the trial.

    He lead a poorly planned and briefed event, in a boat that hadn't been safety checked and was fitted with a powerful offset engine whose effects he didn't properly understand. He was missing / had out of date safety equipment. The cadets where wearing completely unsuitable life jackets and he somehow failed to notice that the self-bailers were still up despite the fact he would have been stood in 6 to 8 inches of standing water as he was going along.

    He should consider himself very,very lucky that he only received a fine and before anyone starts bleating about him having to live with it the rest of his life; that's more than the cadet can do thanks to his gross incompetence.
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  8. I don't like anyone being "hung out to dry" but the Major was responsible for the Health & Safety of all involved and procedures (Risk Assessments etc) don't appear to have been written let alone followed so in my opinion he got off quite lightly, at least he's still kicking & breathing!
  9. CEO are generally Lt Col.

    CEOs are genereally brought in, but must have commissioned in Reg or TA. Technically a 2Lt could become a Lt Col over night, if they thought he had what they wanted.

    However all ACF offciers are Lts, with the higher ranks only 'acting'.

    In this case he was a Maj in the TA (as mentioned above) so his TA rank took precedence to the ACF 'rank'.

    There is a fair bit of information about how to do both \acF and TA in the ACF Manual.
  10. This example was the DS solution of "How to utterly fcuk it up and kill your exercising troops" on my water safety officer course. Guilty as sin and should have been jailed.
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  11. Maybe a few more people than 'ACF types' should take note.

    This was a poorly planned and executed event which resulted in an inexcusable loss of a young life. But the ACF are not the only organisation to suffer a fatality on a poorly planned and executed event are they?
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